What's inside your Dior??! Picture Please

  1. Hi guys! This thread is originally from LV forum. I didn't see one in Dior forum. So here you u go... :yahoo:I will start..

    Here's my Dior Logo Tote Charm..
    Inside:Coach sunnies, LV epi PTI Wallet, razor phone, Ipod video, chanel compact, clinique lipstick, and mac lip liner.

  2. ^ cute thread angel! wish i could post but the downer is that none of my diors are with me over here. now if you started the same thread in the chanel subforum though... ;)

    and i :heart::heart::heart: your epi wallet!
  3. Thanks! I love the black epi it goes with everything. Only thing though, is the flash made it look like there's discoloration but actually there is no discoloration. Too bad. Maybe later on you can post your pics.;)
  4. Here's mine!

    Used my newly repaired handbag for the first time again last Saturday! :biggrin:
    DSC04791.JPG DSC04787.JPG

  5. i will never get tired of looking at that beauty ! :heart::drool:
  6. I love that dior! I have the same wallet btw. I had to stop using it, cause I couldn't keep it from being all scratched up. How do you keep the wallet looking nice like that?
  7. Wow! The purse is very pretty!
  8. iqaganda, I love your bag:love: The suede looks so soft.
  9. nataliam: hehe! Thanks! I love it and even my hubby loves it! :biggrin: (That's why he paid for the cost of fixing the handles. LOL.)

    watalily: I'm having problems of me getting it scratched too on my second day using it. I cut my nails short so that I won't scratch it. LOL.

    angelq & fashion guru: Thanks!:biggrin: That's my very first Dior! (I'm looking forward to a Saddle Bag for my second Dior Handbag! :biggrin:)
  10. iqaganda , your bag is beautiful!! =)
  11. ^ Thanks! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: