What's Inside Your Coach??? Post Pics!!!

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  1. I know there have been threads on this in the past, I wanted to revive it, but I went through ten pages of search and couldn't find them? :confused1: If someone does find one I apologize for this thread. But now that another pce has passed us, what are you currently toting around in your latest eye candy? post pictures for us to drool over!
  2. Not much...cell, iPod, mini skinny, car keys, some Dunkin Donuts coupons for free coffe and the like. I have this huge bag and nothing to put in it!!
  3. OK...current bag that I use ALL the time...denim stripe tote 11179....inside is the matching zip around wallet, my checkbook, gum, my cell phone, package of tissues, coupons, my WW points finder!!! (LOL...cant leave home w/o it!!!! LOL), tylenol (I need the CONSTANTLY) LOL, my keys, lipstick, and bandaids (for the kids so they dont bleed all over my new bag!!!!! LOLOLOL)
  4. Cell phone (with black signature lanyard), agenda (non-Coach, and BIG), birth control pills in a cute little silver business card case with a pave' martini glass on it that isn't Coach but which I ADORE, car keys (with Coach keyfob!), paperback book (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Hamptons weekend wristlet in black with turquoise containing some tampons and a lip gloss, checkbook, credit cards, ID, a little bit of cash, and a note pad.

    All of this is currently residing in my lovely, lovely new red patent ergo hobo, which just came home yesterday! I can't wait to take her to work and show her off tomorrow. :yahoo: I'm hoping to have pictures to post of her later this week!
  5. ^^THERE it is!!! thanks! I don't understand why it didnt show up, i looked up "whats in your coach bag?"
  6. Red patent Ergo Tote :heart:
    insiderp 002.JPG insiderp 003.JPG
  7. That bag is gorgeous! Are you carrying it a lot since you got it? Looks like it holds a lot!:tup:
  8. Everything looks so organized.
    Beautiful bag.
  9. OH I love these threads! I'm gonna take a picture of what's in mine later this afternoon! I LOVE seeing the inside of ppl's bags!
  10. Using my signature khaki/ebony Ali right now…her contents include, my matching legacy framed french wallet, my chanel sunglasses in their case, my Chelsea mineral turnlock wristlet with about 20 lipglosses & NARS compact inside, my cell phone, 2 ipods (mini and video), a ton of receipts, Babies R Us and Target coupsons for diapers, gum. Hopefully at the end of the week she'll also have my new legacy stripe agenda and legacy khaki/ebony coin purse as additions!! Although at that point I many need to take the wristlet out as by then she'll be stuffed beyond belief!!

  11. I’m so jealous, you are so organized. Very nice!:tup:
  12. here is mine

  13. ^^That is a gorgeous bag. I LOVE that gold trim!!
  14. Everyones bags look so neat and organized. And I am loving that red patent more with each pic I see!