whats inside your chanel handbag? *post pics*

  1. hehehe i'm fairly new to the forum and i notice there was one of these threads for lv... but not one for chanel.. i personally am not a fan of lv but i love love chanel so i want to see what you guys carry around and what you can squish and fit into your bags ^_^

    *oh sorry if this kind of thread has already been done... i just couldnt find a link to it when i searched *
  2. OK....I will post mine later. Today is too late at night. Welcome to forum !
  3. hehehe I'll do mine as soon as I get home from work =)
  4. ok well i'll start =}

  5. lilyyy
    How cute it your stuff?? I'll try to snap a pic today.
  6. Sorry for the late of reply (as I promised to post ealier :p ). I don't wanna lie (LOL). This time I use LV bag not Chanel but I hope my inside accessories would be OK to post in this forum ;)
  7. Love your agenda but I'm too lazy to take any notes :p
  8. Love your bag and agenda too!
    Your charm is so cute.
  9. after seeing how cute and pretty your stuff is, I am a little embarrassed...diapers, baby wipes, cheerios, bibs, a sippy cup, phone, wallet. You probably don't need to see any pictures!
  10. there's no need to be embarrasses!! some days I have so many of my lil sisters toys in there I feel like a big kid with a bag full of toys as they take up more room than my own stuff!
  11. this is what fits in my medium-large classic flap (10" wide) -- not much!

    * long wallet, external hard drive (don't ask), two lipglosses, keys & mobile phone!

  12. Love red Chanel Flap :heart:
  13. :love: I love your agenda

    :graucho: I think I'll get one as well....
  14. I remember those days very well! :smile:
  15. LOL..My bags are too messy inside to take pics..ROFL