**What's Inside Your Celine?**

  1. I'm surprised we don't already have a thread like this here!.
    There are lots of pics of all the various Celine bags, but not enough pics of the insides! Let's face it, the inside of most Celine bags are almost as gorgeous as the outside (sometimes even MORE so!)

    Please share pics of the inside of your Celine bags and what you carry.
  2. What I carried inside my Anthra Mini

    Celine Bi-color Case in Hibiscus
    Lanvin Red Leopard Case
    Marc Jacobs quilted Agenda
    Marc Jacobs Delancey Deluxe Wallet in Plum
    Marc Jacobs Key Pouch in Pale Lavender
    Tom Ford Sunnies

    (I had my iPad in there, but it was on my desk when I took this pic -- maybe I'll snap one when I get home)
    ForumRunner_20120128_170025.png ForumRunner_20120128_170242.png
  3. ..
  4. Can someone post a pic of what fits in a Nano?
  5. :bump:
  6. What's inside CSI's Emily Procter's Classic Box (as shown in the new issue of US Weekly and on their website)

    I wonder if that's the large - that's an awful lot of stuff!

    Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-style/news/csi-miamis-emily-procter-whats-in-my-bag-201212#ixzz1lU8g33Gm
  7. This is an older picture from the Reference Section

    What I typically carry inside my Trio

  9. Thought I would post what's in my celine bag as no one seems to post in here so this is what I carried in my bag today.
  10. ooohh i love this little bicolor zippy wallet!!
  11. wow..a lot of stuff can go inside the mini!!! YAY
  12. Wow! You ladies carry a lot of stuff! Isn't it heavy? I try to keep mine at a minimum
  13. Yes it does get a bit heavy so I'm trying to minimise a bit ;)
  14. [​IMG]

    i like to load up my mini... it gets a little heavy but it really does fit a lot

    1. cl trash pencil case, 2. ice breakers mints, 3. blistex chapstick, 4. asian lychee candies, 5. h ulysses agenda in iris, 6. excedrin, 7. tb card case, 8. work ids, 9. keys, 10. iphone charge, 11. aya takano for shu uemura makeup case, 12. chanel sunglasses/case, 13. tissues
  15. OMG I think you carry more than I do, just love the pink mini ;)
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