What's inside your BIRKIN?

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  1. ME TOO!!! :drool: Sus, Your Birkin is really shiny and so beautiful with all the rainbow. :tup::heart:
  2. I feel less lonely all of a sudden... THANK YOU , WingNut !!!:heart:

  3. Looks like my bag !!! I hide the whole thing throwing a pashmina on top !!!
  4. Piaffe, your bag looks like a lawyer's bag. I don't know how to explain it, but it looks very "smart".
  5. Okay. I've finally gotten around to taking a picture of my bag.

    We should make this thread a sticky. I love looking inside people's bags!

  6. What a lovely splash of colors ! Looked like taken out from the magazine !! Very well taken !!:tup:
  7. Today it looks like this...tomarrow? BTW love seeing the cute pocketsized pups..:yes:

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  8. The Karo? Make-up :shame: Mini Bobbi Brown travel sizes, she's just the best for that line. Who needs bronzer and moisturizer banging around in her purse? I hate panning for gold in the bottom of my purse LoL :roflmfao:
  9. grand latte ...we have twin chihuahuas
    so cute!
  10. Pretty bag Grand Latte. What is the color??

    Thanks ILML & eoel.
  11. Gooorgeous shots!
  12. Sus: My birkin is etoupe color.

    Annyu: Yes. It would be so fun if our dogs played together. They look like they're from the same family!:tup:
  13. Grande Latte, your Etoupe birkin is :drool: I love looking into people's bag too! Love this thread - good for those who do not have a Rainbow yet.

    docride, are you using a Chameleon too? Love these inserts! I also like how you make use of those H mini dust bags.
  14. I am a bit like Mooks...i carry so little with me its sad. I might have a 30 & 40 birkin but in both bags all I ever carry is my cellphone, wallet, keys.

    kinda sad....hahaha
  15. The only items that are colorful in my bag are my DS's toys:heart:. I love seeing all the wonderful colors in your ladies' bags.:tender::love:
    *Costco Baby Wipes
    *Strawberry Pocky (mine, not my DS's):P
    *Sigg Water Bottle
    *Leica Camera
    * Gucci Wallet and Keychain
    *Car Key
    *Iphone in pink carrying case
    *DS's green funky car,jaguar and porsche matchbox cars

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