What's inside your BIRKIN?

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  2. Wingnut Good lord! Your McGuyver! You could somehow save the work with your band aids, hairsray and envelope!

    Piaffe you are not alone!!
  3. HAHAH Piaffe! Way to USE that bag!
  4. ;);)

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  5. ^EEEEEK! Sooo cute!! With the tongue out and everything aww
  6. This is what I usually have in it, and it's only half full:
    - Dogon wallet
    - Vision agenda
    - notepad
    - Kleenex
    - little key pouch
    - BeBop
    - umbrella
    - sunglasses (what IS that grease mark on the case?:lol:)
    - mobile phone
    - bus pass

    For a 1 night stay in Paris the bag had ample room for all this, too:
    - a bit bigger cosmetic bag
    - extra pair of undies and socks
    - passport
    - guide book
    - shawl
    - and on way back, a very thick paperback book

    And the size is 30 :tup:

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  7. Anna, OMG, here's my chihuahua! They can be friends!

  8. love the chihuahuas, ladies!!! :tender:

    some of you really have beautiful bags, inside and out!! And for those who are...errr..."not so neat" on the inside, I still salute you all. It just goes on to show that your bags are all loved and put to great use!!!:woohoo:
  9. I put in WAY TOO MUCH!! If I knew how to post a picture, I would show you - but, I don't :girlsigh:

    So, for all of the creative tPFer's - Imagine a 40cm black togo or a brown ostrich, with the following additions:

    I have a bunch of hermes accessories - dogon wallet; gloves in winter; lipstick holder; 2 change holders (one for my bluetooth headset and the other for change; 2 business card cases (one in orange for my cards and the other in pink for sweet n low); and my trusty jotter.

    other accessories include, A prada microfiber makeup roll; sunglasses; the newspaper; mail; pens; a highlighter; assorted small papers, like cards and receipts; my building pass; parking pass; folder with business papers; an old bottega sticky notes holder; ipod; mobile phone; and last but not least, my blackberry.

    Luckily I carry the 40cm.

    On the weekend, I carry much less, so one of my smaller bags will suffice...
  10. Ladies...... what do you use your karo's for?why do some of you carry more than 1 wallet? what is the bebop used for? finally why do you have so many agendas to carry around????????????????????
  11. Annayu & GL Your puppies are sooo cute! :tender:
  12. The perfect purse buddy. [​IMG]
  13. Annayu & Grande Latte, love your chihuahua. They're too adorable!!!
  14. In my GM Karo I keep makeup and in my PM karo I keep tissues, a small plastic car for DS, a Tide stick, hand cleaning spritz stuff, eye drops, 2 H photo holders & a couple other small things I cannot remeber.
    In my Be-bop I keep a supply of snacks & gum for the kids most of the time. I only carry one Ulysses agenda so I cannot answer the last.
    Hope this helps.
  15. I agree!! :yes: Just so cute!