What's inside your BIRKIN?

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  1. HM If not your kitchen then your bag! My bag is so bad! You should see me at the grocery store...shamful...:shame:

    Wingnut at least one good thing came out it...your bag is cleaned and organized!:yahoo:

    Sus & Rose:love: Both of your bags look so good!
  2. Anglefish, Hermesmonkey, Rose, you're so neat!!!

    Sus, I am so in love with your Rainbow! Such pop of colours.
  3. here's what's inside my birkin (also posted in my rainbow thread) :

  4. Sus and pazT, you 2 have the most colorful items inside your birkin!!

    Very pretty!! :tup:
  5. love your posts ladies.....................:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  6. Such beautiful items/pics, thanks ladies you are an inspiration!
  7. :love:
  8. FIERCE!!!!!!!!!:heart::love::love::nuts:
  9. OMG Sus...Pazt... I am a frikkin neatnik so I dump mine everynight to file receipts, put important papers in filing, gum wrappers or whatever out lol

    But your RAINBOWS....omg I sooooo need to get my rainbow goin!!
  10. Pazt, Sus(holymoly I'm drooling).....your things are so pretty and organized and the colors and how they are displayed are so nice :love:

    I finally downloaded a photo of the pandemonium that is the inside of my purse:

    in my Birkin 35 Gold togo GH......

    Karo GM (loaded)
    small Agenda
    Dogon & Mini Dogon
    folded stack of drawings of front of house with different doors drawn in
    Motorola global phone,
    bandaid & nail file
    2 pens
    swatch of wedding dress in envelope with notes all over it
    assorted notes/lists
    photo of the hair I think I want to wear
    cut-outs of doors that I held out at arm's length at 9pm while parked in front of half-built house while neighbors peeked warily out at me.....
    mini sephora brush case


    Attached Files:

  11. I just love to see what other women have in their bags..."peeping tom" maybe?? :shame: Always sooo impressed how beautiful things you all have in your bags!! Since i don´t have a H bag, yet, i woun´t post any pics. Too shameful. Keep them coming ladies!!! :woohoo::woohoo:
  12. wow, that's alot of leather there!!! WOWZA! :drool: my son just said "it's a "rainbow, mommy" :graucho:
  13. keep those pics coming ladies......................
  14. Sus and Pazt, gorgeus pictures!!!
  15. I love seeng everyone's rainbows. They never fail to make me smile.