What's inside your BIRKIN?

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  1. I love threads like these (seen it in the Balenciaga subforum where it's a sticky)....it gives people an idea of what can ACTUALLY go into a bag. It's really helpful (and kind of voyeuristic...hehe)!
  2. oooo more pics pls:girlsigh:
  3. Ok then. So what do I do? I decide to comply. But first, I had to clean off a table in my office to display the contents. That took some work. then, I unloaded my purse. That was a feat in itself. Took the picture. Realize I have to cable with which to download (and doohicky for direct transfer not present on this laptop). So I cannot download. But at least I cleaned off a table in my office and emptied out my purse.:hysteric:

    Angelfish, Hermesmonkey.....everything looks so pretty and organized! I am envious....
  4. A quick pic of what's inside my bag today (apologies for the blurry pic)


    Karo PM in rose shocking (with make up and tissues)
    Clarisse GM in vert anis
    Wallet (quilted Chanel)
    Bang&Olufsen earphone carrier (with earphones)
    Harrods umbrella with doggies (can't imagine why... it's not going to rain today!!)
  5. thanx for your posts ladies.................we want to see more:happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance:
  6. Rose, love your Karo and Clarisse, which holds more stuff???
    I cant get a GM Karo in my fav colours, is the Clarisse still readily available??
    Also love the Chanel (seriously thinking about a Chanel Clutch, sorry H!!!) and of course your Birkin is just gorgeous.
  7. Rose, great photo. I wish I could walk around with less in my bag.

    In my bag today, an Azap Combined wallet, GM & PM Karos, small Clarisse, Be-Bop, double mirror (vintage Hermes), 2 Hermes photo holders, iphone, ipod, Carmen key ring, Piccollo, sunglasses & cute hanky with kittens (sent to me by GGA). I left out a couple of receipts and coupons.

  8. All you ladies with rainbows...*sigh*...so pretty!! Now I have rainbow envy!! :oh: :weird:
  9. Sus...I am speechless. Your bag is MAJOR!!! I'm drooling over it right now...Croc is delicious!
  10. Sus, I love how you displayed you goodies:love:
  11. In addition of course to my light sabre, all my specialized field gear for my Jedi missions, including: a H-98 comlink, a holomap, and holoprojector.....oh, and some NARS lipstick.
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Jedimaster. My DS would love the insides of your bag.

    Thanks Ms. Fashionista, Mr. Posh Spice and DeeDeeDelovely.
  13. Thank you Raz and Sus, Raz my Karo hold more stuff. The Clarisse is flat but I can fit a lipstick and compact into it. I love my Chanel pieces, especially my 2005 reissue, a treasure.
  14. Sus... your collection...sigh...just gorgeous!
  15. :wtf: SUS:wtf:......SO drooling over these pics!!!!!!!!!:drool: WOW!!!!!