What's inside your BIRKIN?

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  1. Haha. This was from a while back. I need to update my photo to show what I carry these days. It's a 30 birkin. Sizable enough! Cheers. :smile:
  2. Oh my your bag has been fully maximized. I pretty much go around like that as well carrying my entire life in my bag!
  3. Looks so neat and organized!
  4. Awesome thread and I love all the pics! Your bags and all your accessories are amazing!

    In my 40 Potiron Birkin I've got:
    - LV Zippy wallet
    - LV makeup bag
    - Prada eyeglasses
    - Ray Ban sunnies
    - iPad Mini
    - iPhone 5
    - LV coin purse
    - a few booklets (things to read)
    - Beats Audio red Solo headphones
    - a little pouch full of my various flash drives
    - packet of Kleenex
    - Tictacs (always)
    - work keys and home/car keys
    - work I.D.
    - Coach wristlet with credit cards &c.
    - various receipts and other random crap that I shove into the bag as I go.

    Whew! That's a lot!
  5. Wow you really maximised your B! Well done! :smile:

  6. Wow! How much does your B weigh?!? It must be a great workout for your arms. LOL
  7. Hehehe it weighs a ton! I seriously have tendinitis, but I actually use everything I carry. Oh well.
  8. Wow you must be strong girl
    That's a lot to carry

  9. Stunning!!! Do you use your karos for makeup?? And what do you use so many pm Ulysses for?
  10. Bump-bump-bumping this thread! I would love to see a couple of shots of the maximum amount that people can carry in their bags-and maybe a few pics of the weirdest items, too!
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  11. Thanks for the bump!!!