What's inside YOUR beautiful Givenchy?!?

  1. Inspired by this thread on other sub-forums, I would love for us to have one here. I did a search and am not seeing one.

    The next best thing to exterior pictures of our Givenchy bags is a little peek at what's inside! Yum!

    If you are able, listing both style and size will so helpful in determining capacity.

    Here is a recent interior shot of my Small Nightingale:

    A couple older pix

    With contents emptied:
  2. Oh, the contents of your 'Gale are as lovely as the bag itself! I love the colorful accessories! Thanks for starting this thread! It sure is useful. It never ceases to amaze me the capacity of our G-bags! :smile:
  3. I just switched out my G bag but I will post mine when I'm back to using it. Should be soon!

    *is now wondering if she should consider a small nightingale*
  4. Hi Prada143 :smile: you are most welcome! I am quite fond of interior shots, especially with a style that is new to us, it really gives one an idea of what it can carry before purchase. So many of us are not able to visit these bags in person before purchase. Thanks for your sweet words about my accessories, it sure makes finding what you need easy when there are some pop colors in our bags, huh?!? Looking forward to seeing your interior pix!

    hi again eiiv, yes, please do post some of your pix when you can! I need my fix, LOL. Regarding considering the small Gale, it has been a size I have enjoyed. It really fits all my daily needs, and then I have some additional room to carry my yogurt, fruit and other snacks while in transit to work. Do you have Bals? I would compare it capacity wise to what I could carry in a City or Twiggy. The wide open top is fabulous (one thing Bal kinda ruined me on, LOL, Bal got me addicted to those wide open tops, LOL.) Hope that helps! Can't wait to see your interior shots!
  5. LOVE your balenciaga wallet! I've been looking for a new one and have not seen that style before. can i ask what the style is? or what season? (I haven't seen it recently but would love to get my hands on one) thanks!
  6. I love the What's In Your Bag threads! I'll post mine soon!
  7. Hi intrigue :smile: thank you for your very kind words! I am humbled because I was smitten with this this wallet from the first moment I saw it online and searched forever, I have crazy love for kisslocks and wanted to find it sooooo much. When I found out about this wallet I was about 6 months too late, because it was only offered during the Balenciaga 2010 Fall/Autumn Season and is called the Bal Lady Wallet, I searched and finally found mine in excellent pre-owned condition from a beautiful seller and bought it immediately, I literally hit click so fast I have no memory, LOL. It is such a great wallet and really the perfect size. I had high hopes Bal would continue to carry it beyond their 2010 F/W season, but alas, they did not. To date I have only seen it in the "Black" and "Sang" (red) leathers. Bal has such great wallets though and I know you will be happy with any of their current seasons. If you are smitten with the "Lady" keep watch with the resale sites like Bon or eBay......I see them their occasionally. Thanks again :smile:
  8. Please do Keirstan! We will all look forward to see your fabulous pictures!!! :smile:
  9. I will have to keep an eye out, thanks so much! I have had my other bal wallet (a classic continental zip around) for two years or so and it still looks new, their wallets really last better than most so I would love to find a smaller version...the lady wallet is perfect!! I will keep my fingers crossed and hope to find one. :smile:
  10. I don't have Balenciaga bags so I'm not too sure, but I did look through the thread with the comparison shots. I guess their bag design doesn't really speak to me.

    It sounds like the small can carry a lot! The medium is like a black hole (very spacious) and also because mine has a black interior. XD But I don't think I have ever come across the small nightingale. I only ever see medium, micro and the occasional large for the online sites. Have not seen one irl either.

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    Let me try this one more time...
  12. I love these threads! Since I always look forward to reading everyone else's contributions so I thought I better add my own.

    Here's what's inside my Givenchy Medium Lucrezia. I've been using this bag almost non-stop since I got her a few weeks ago, so she's loaded up with all of my daily items:


    Coated Canvas Fossil Pouch
    Coach Saffiano Zipper Wallet
    Philosophy Amazing Grace Hand Lotion
    Belvita - Breakfast!
    Book - Right now it's 'The Woman Upstairs' by Claire Messud
    Not pictured - iPad Mini and iPhone

    Here's what's inside the pouch:


    Philosophy Perfume
    Nars Lipgloss
    Hair ties
    Maybelline Makeup
    Ultra Fine Sharpies
    Coupon for the new Chick-Fil-A!

    And finally, all loaded up!


    Thanks for letting me share!
  13. :woohoo:Congratulations! :woohoo: I love your bag. :hbeat:
  14. Oh my word! You are one organized Givenchy carrying gal! I love your pictures! I especially adore your colorful Sharpies, ha. It is great to see how much fits in your gorgeous Luc! Thanks so much for posting!:smile:

  15. Thank you! It's amazing how much Lucrezia fits without looking "full" :smile: