What's inside your bags?!

  1. Ha, I thought this would be a fun and amusing topic!

    What do you carry in your purse?

    Take a pic! :p

    I'll be posting up mine in a few mins....:girlsigh:

  2. wallet, keys, datebook, lipsticks, sunglasses, reading glasses (yeah, I'm old), mirror, phone, eyedrops, miscellaneous personal items!
  3. lip balm, cell phone, money, credit cards, gum/mints, keys, pen
  4. wallet, checkbook, mini skinny, sunglasses, burts bee lip balm, keys, gum, cell phone, & sometimes a makeup case for of course makeup, pens, & perfume.
  5. LV wallet, wapity for makeup, keys (LV cles) callendar,sunnies pen note pad, and other stuff like the hubbies wallet although I didnt take a pic. of that:lol:
  6. Wallet, checkbook, cell, pens, gum, tampons, sunnies, mints, lip balm. If I'm carrying a tote-style bag probably a bottle of water too.
  7. it's what in my balenciaga eggplant shopper
    1. my p800 cell phone
    2. my NEC phone with a handmade cross stitch case
    3. cigarette in tin case
    4. lv panda organiser
    5. candies
    6. ipod in hand made cross stitch
    7. make up case
    8. lv carnet & key pouch
    9. coin purse
    10. scraps & papers
  8. Wallet, cellphone, keys with LV Cles attached, makeup bag, small hairbrush, mirror, and pill case.
  9. wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, lipgloss, lollipops, energy bar, antibacterial wipes, tissues.
  10. What I carry really varies with the handbag size. For a small bag I need at a minimum a small wallet/change purse, sun glasses, cell phone, small pill holder with aspirin, my keys and one lipstick and one gloss.

    When I have more room I use a bigger wallet (with checkbook), a cosmetic bag that has mini foundation, mini powder, small mirror, blush, powder brush, blotting papers, a couple of lipsticks, a couple of lip glosses, lip pencil, lip brush, in addition I have really small cosmetic bag which has small kleenex, hand sanitizer, couple of bandaids, breath mints, and a couple of travel stain removers packets. Peggy
  11. It expands to fill the purse, lol. I've gotten larger bags lately, so am toting more around.

    wallet w/ house and office keys attached, credit cards, id, cash, etc.
    cell phone
    car remote and key

    extended packing:
    cigarettes and lighter -- if I'm going to a bar, nasty bad habit, need to stop smoking all together but still do it when drinking.
    lip plumper
    lip balm
    barette/hair band
    luna bar
    small water bottle
  12. I have:

    -My planner
    -Eyeglass case with sunglasses
    -Pre-moistened Lens Cloth
    -Book (currently Candide)
  13. LOL ive got everything you ever need in my speedy 30!! its hard to fill up and mine usually is! i have about 2 pairs of sunnies, pair of glasses and case, phone, tons of makeup which i never apply throughout the day, headphones, necklaces :S paper, letters, crap, crap and more crap! perfume 2 BOTTLES!!! Body spray, nailvarnish, cd
    i did have a picture but i cba putting it onto the comp etc.. im tired lol
  14. Daily Planner
    Cell Phone
    Pink Playboy Wallet
    Coach pink business card holder
    HUGE binder full of boring nerdy neuroscience articles
  15. Not too much usually..my iPod (if I'm not listening to it), wallet, cell phone, keys, lipstick, eyeliner, & sunglasses case (even though I don't use it, since I put my sunglasses on my head if I'm not wearing them lol)