What's inside YOUR Agenda? How do you use it? Pics?

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  1. We wanna see!
  2. I literally use my agenda as it's name implies...I have a medium ring agenda and also a small ring koala one in black. For days that I don't have much I just bring the small koala one to use as a jotter (it's filled with blank pages). But I REFUSE to put cards and such in my agendas because I have my wallet and card case with me...
  3. I use my agenda as an agenda (LOL) but also I keep my cc, debit card, student ID and cash in it.

    I keep my change now in a cute Tiffany-blue patent leather mini skinny from Coach...I had the zipped pouch from Filofax, but felt that it detracted from the agenda bc it made it too bulky.
  4. My red vernis small agenda. I agree the change pouch makes it bulky. I use mine as a wallet for all of my extra cards, money, etc. and keep my driver's licence, debit card, & insurance cards in my cles that's attached to my car key.



  5. ^^ Nice agenda! You are pretty organized :smile:
  6. I just it as an agenda.
  7. Here' my girl on the go agenda, and speaking of, gotta run to my closing!
    outside.jpg DSC00371.jpg agenda 2.jpg
  8. [​IMG]

    I use my just as an agenda and the pocket stores business cards. Now I'm really envious of you guys who have set it up with plastic inserts and such. I think I'll play around with mine more when 2007 comes and it's time to get new inserts :smile:
  9. I use my med. damier agenda for everything. It's a workhorse! I :heart: it. I write appointments, daily meetings, phone numbers, to-do lists, holds business cards, coupons, gift cards, cash. I even stash a few note cards in it with some stamps cuz you never know when you might need to send one.

  10. tooooooooooooootally off topic are those go lean bars good^^^^^^:confused1:
  11. oo i'll have to take pics. :smile:
  12. Mmmhmms! :heart: And a decently good for you guilty pleasure :love:
  13. ok! pics! my desk agenda is clearly just an agenda. i took a snapshot of this week's events for ya. haha. and my pocket agenda is my pseudo-wallet/checkbook holder/quick cash.

  14. ew mewlicious, I see you're also using lavender today...

    And, Melcoton, STAMPS that's a great idea and addition! YAY, Pfer's have the best ideas,,,, can't wait to add that to my lil agenda which i can't lives without...
  15. anotheremptysky, I love your agenda...very great organized!!!
    Thanks for sharing your pics!