whats inside VBs LV

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  1. i found this article from 2001 about some LV luggage victoria beckham had stolen and what was inside

    Clothes worth more £23,000 were contained in the four suitcases lost, with labels ranging from Dolce & Gabbana to Gucci and Versace. Most are still missing.
    Anyone with information is asked to contact Heathrow CID.
    List of items given to police:
    Louis Vuitton Syrus £535
    Louis Vuitton Cruiser £550
    Louis Vuitton Steamer £930
    Louis Vuitton Sac Marine £390
    Louis Vuitton handbag (inside one of the cases) £140
    "Brooklyn's bits":
    Gap, Nike, Adidas T-shirts (about 20) £400
    Gap, Nike, Adidas shorts (about 20)
    Nike and Adidas shoes (9 pairs) £360
    Nike trainers £40
    Timberland shoes (2 pairs) £110
    Timberland sandals (2 pairs) £70
    Fido Dido blanket £100
    Victoria's clothes:
    Dolce & Gabbana sandals £300
    Prada sandals £200
    Versace animal print boots £700
    Gina high heel boots £600
    Vivienne Westwood black boots £300
    Gina gold high heels £300
    Timberland boots (two pairs) £220
    Gucci black sandals £300
    Gina black high-heels £250
    Nike trainers (four pairs) £440
    Diesel jeans £85
    Gap combat trousers for boys aged 15-16 (four pairs) £120
    Gucci bikini in black, red and green £250
    La Perla bikini in green £200
    Five other bikinis
    Armani black swimming costume £150
    Earl Jeans 25-inch waist £80
    Sarong in black and gold £200
    Maharishi camouflage print bag £80
    Daryl K trousers in black £180
    Patricia Field four black lycra tops £280
    Patricia Field leather corsets (two) £400
    Patricia Field leather boob tubes £600
    Nike child T-shirts (four) £80
    Ralph Lauren denim skirt £200
    Ralph Lauren tassel jacket £600 (recovered)
    Plein Sud jacket (three) £510 (recovered)
    Gucci black dress £400
    Pepe denim jacket in black £70
    Gucci leather biker jacket £2,500
    Kepi basque (3 in black, and silver ) £600
    Kepi basque in brown £400
    Full length black leather skirt with rough bottom £400
    Joseph leather skirt £350
    Dolce & Gabbana black polo neck £150
    Dolce & Gabbana suede skirt with animal print £2,000
    Dolce & Gabbana animal print basque £1,000
    Maria Grachvogel hot pants (2 pairs) £200
    Chloe loveheart sunglasses £140
    Kevin John top in white £90
    Kevin John trousers £150
    Knee-length skirt £100
    Handkerchief tops (3 in suede, black and lilac) £210
    Baby pink little top
    Vivienne Westwood trousers £400
    DKNY T-shirts (5) £300
    Pyjamas (4 pairs) £120
    Gucci trousers frilled bottoms £300
    Patricia Field dresses short dark blue (3) £270
    Patricia Field cat suit in lycra
    Beaded orange and red belt £300
    Armani vests (2 in grey and blue) £300
    Joseph vests £175
    Maharishi dress £300
    Blue dark blue top £70
    Gucci black shirt £200
    Joseph white trousers £150
    Denim shirt £100
    Hennes white trousers £500
    Chicago Bulls T-shirt £50
    Red Dragon vests (2) £300
    Black Gucci top £100
    Pepe combat trousers £80
    Maharishi combat trousers (3) £600
    Ralph Lauren hooded top £120
    Vivienne Westwood sunglasses £200
    Animal print bag £400
    Gucci trousers (3 pairs) £900
    Dolce & Gabbana tops (2) £180
    Urban Outfitters top £100
    Gap combat-type jeans (5 pairs) £350
    Sean Dean jeans £150
    Hooded tops (2) £120
    MAC jewellery box containing:
    Beaded tummy chain £300
    Wire leather choker £150
    Diamond tummy chain (fake) £90
  2. Wow.:crybaby: What a tragedy to lose so much!
  3. Gap combat trousers for boys aged 15-16 (four pairs) £120

    I'm sorry, this made me laugh :p
  4. ^ lol, me too but those would probably be too big for her now
  5. I remember those!!! I had them too.:nuts:


    I swear, they were THE MOST COMFORTABLE casual pants I've ever owned!!!
    GAP pants.jpg
  6. wow, that's a lot!
  7. wow! I hope VB can find the other pieces that she lost!

    VB has AWESOME taste! :nuts:
  8. wow... 4 LV suitcases lost! did they fly coach? :confused1:
  9. Gap :confused1: I didn't know celebrity's wore Gap lol I only own 2 pairs of jeans I guess I'll now have to buy more j/k:p
  10. it's most likely, that's why if I ever get and LV trunk or any other pice of luggage im never gonna check it inn, but she's got $$$ she probably allready has another pair...she should SO some in Damier or epi that is less noticeble...
  11. wow maybe we will see them in eBay soon ;)
  12. Oh yikes! That's a lot of stuff! Amazing collection of clothes though...
  13. Wow! That's terrible. That's a lot of stuff. I'd be so heartbroken.
  14. this was way back in the day guys, if I recall correctly she wasn't too bothered about the clothes but the luggage had diaries or song lyrics in them and that's what was really the problem
  15. :wtf: wow