what's inside the mahala

  1. can someone post apicture of the inside of the mahala, or what you put inside it so i can have an idea of how much it fits etc etc?
  2. Pandy - It is a large bag. Plus it has pockets along the inside wall. I'm sure I could fit 4 or more times the amount of stuff I carry - but it would be too heavy. IMHO, it is NOT a bottomless pit type of bag, like the Fendi Spy or Balenciaga Work. This is what I carry in my Mahala: Zip around Compagnon wallet (7x3x1.5") Blackberry, cosmetic pouch (4x3x2") GoSmile compact, compact mirror, pill box, small measuring tape, 5" hairbrush, 2 business card holders, pen, pad of paper, keys, and comb.
  3. thanks jburgh. a picture to provide a visiual would also be nice though. but question for you--the two zippers on the outside, do they connect to the same pocket?

    also you dont have to answer but, i find that reading alot of these posts of what ppl carry in their bags, a lot of women seem to carry measuring tape...why?