What's inside the Hermes pizza box?

  1. As someone mentioned, it looks like a pizza box.. What'd you guess inside??? :yahoo:
  2. it can't wait to pop out..
  3. too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. love it! pink and brown is fabulous!
  5. Just great! Love the color combination! Love the box too!
  6. Gorgeous!!! Love those colors!! CONGRATS and ENJOY!!!
  7. Pointu!!! :nuts:

    Thanks for sharing, BillBill! It's beautiful!!! :heart:

  8. Beautiful pointu!!!! we want modeling pics next...
  9. So cute! I have never seen those boxes before! Oh....and the scarf is great, too! ;)
  10. thanks ladies. it's a fucshia bolduc pointu which i got just before lunar new year.. the SA was so nice. i saw a fuschia kelly but in 28.. then i asked for any scarfs in bloduc and she showed me this one, taught me how to tie it in different ways.. she also put my name on if any new stuffs come.. :yahoo: :yahoo:

    more pics follow
  11. The scarf is great, and that little box is adorable.
  12. some modeling pics.. be frank, i'm not a good model :sad:

    a simple knot around the neck, i guess it's better to put it aside instead of centre.. :yes:
  13. another modelling.. the scarf is wrapped twice around the neck, i think it's great for it underneath a white shirt.. ;)
  14. last one. tie it on the head..not stylish as i've seen on others before.. :confused1: well, i guess it's my problem..
  15. Billbill....

    You are gorgeous!!!! It looks great on your hair!