What's in your

  1. handbag?

    I found these on insidemybag.com :shocked: Wow some just stuff their bags.
    042806_003.jpg 101705_simplegirl.jpg 101705_teacher.jpg 102105_vuittonobsession.jpg 110805_malaysianinaustralia.jpg bringthefun.jpg
  2. In the last pic it looks like a BIG bag of cocaine!! lol
  3. I kinda of thought the same thing.. LOL

    Check that speedy out though, HOLY COW do you think they could fit anymore in there?

  4. I can't post a picture right now (camera is with my dad), but inside my purse I have:
    -Wallet (money, ID, etc.)
    -Keys (my key chain is a purse that I use as a chain purse!)
    -Two books: The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien and Murder of a Small Town Honey by Denise Swanson
    -Pens and pencils
  5. They actually made a whole website about it ! lol
  6. Don't have my camera at the moment but in my bag I have:
    -ipod video
    -3 chapsticks
    -midol & tylenol (2 pills of each)
    -cell phone
    -sunglasses & case (the huge chanel one that takes up so much room!)
    This is all in my Balenciaga First!
  7. LOL!! I love how she has a Nintendo DS -
  8. everything but the kitchen sink more or less

    and i don't even wear makeup
  9. I think your right, with mirror, tooters and chopping card, looks like it, or so i've read:biggrin:
  10. Carrying my denim speedy, I have
    makeup case, that carrying all my small items. Pens, advil, papers and some makeup

    mono lv wallet
    lv agenda
    sticker renewal I have to take care of on tuesday
    b/f wallet
    change in the front zipper pocket
  11. :roflmfao: I have a gameboy in the pocket of my lunch bag. My kids gave me one of their old ones, so I can play Donkey Kong and Frogger.
  12. Those bags look about like mine, a little of everything. Now what is the Strangest thing you have in your purse at the moment? I just picked up some prescriptions so my purse is drugged up at the time...LOL

    I thought that big white plastic back was one of those semi frozen ice packs.
  13. Wallet
    make-up case
    sunglass case
    cell phone
  14. same here plus key holder
  15. I know this a stupid question but what's the last bag in the picture called?
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