What's in your YSL collection?

  1. I really find it so interesting that my first YSL is the Downtown - I have been in love with the Muse for so long and the very first bag that screamed to me "had to have" was last year's anthracite Rive Gauche...and here I am, curiously, without either of those two bags.

    So far I have
    -chocolate medium Downtown
    -Nadja (have to post pics)

    I'd love to start a serious collection. What's in yours? What would you consider the must-have pieces for today's YSL fan? I'm pretty certain that I'll end up getting a Muse, because it seems so established. But what about the Tribute, the Rive Gauche, etc...?
  2. I have the large Muse and the medium Downtown,both in black leather. I am considering an Uptown.I have posted pics in the reference thread.
  3. I have the medium ivory muse and am seriously considering the quilted patent downtown.
  4. I love the quilted patents...Muse/Downtown/Tribute. But I think I'll "play it safe" with the Muse and get a leather.
  5. I think that the muse and the downtown are the most popular styles. I currently have a black large tribute tote in buffalo leather, reversible tote in purple/silver and an uptown in navy patent. I am hoping to acquire a rive gauche in chocolate in the not to distant future.
  6. I have the oversize white muse. i so love it. The bag makes such a statement.
  7. There's a chocolate Rive Gauche on BlueFly. For $1436

  8. My first is the large Muse in Anthracite. Next is the black RG, which is still on its way to me. I think YSL does black patent extremely well (was considering that in the Muse), so now am eyeing that in the Tribute.

    My fav shape is the RG (esp in taupe ostrich) and for ease of use the Muse.
  9. :heart: the muse in anthracite!

    I can't wait to see your RG.

  10. i actually have more ysl bags than i realized! unfortunately, i only have pics of some of them. i have

    beige nadja
    black buffalo mombasa
    black messenger (like this one from BBS)


    brown tote (forget what it's called)


    ivory oversized muse (terrible pic -- sorry!)


    ostrich rive gauche

  11. I just got a quilted black patent mure in the largest size...I'm sooo in LOVE with it

    I have some other bags, but nothing too special

    I also have a ton of their shoes
  12. I have a large brown Mombasa. I love almost ALL the YSL bags--it's something about their "clean" lines.
  13. kicksarefortwids, I love your collection! But of course you know my favorite must be...


    it's too gorgeous for words :swoon:
  14. Muse in anthracite (used to also have one in black, but no more)
    Venise in black
    Byzance in brown
    (I've also owned the St Tropez variant with the charms and another style with an asian-look that I can't remember the name of, but sold those a while ago). I think that's all of them...
  15. Wow, gorgeous collection. Gotta love the ostrich!! Congrats!