What's in Your Wish List

  1. H can be frustrating:rolleyes: and while waiting...I am contemplating in my own H Oh La La Land:p To make it easy for me...Ive given myself 10 yrs (there goes the...have to get one before my 40th:girlsigh:) to procure and acquire.

    Here is my list...in order of importance:

    1.) 28cm Kelly Sellier Parchmein Box
    2.) Etoupe Jige Elan Chevre Mysore with white contrast stitching
    3.) 30cm Graphite Birkin Rigid with contrast stitching and lining
    4.) Rainbow colors small leather goods in bleu sapphire, raisin, chartreuse, rose shocking, jaune and orange
    5.) Natural Barenia Berlingot
    6.) 25cm Rouge vif Lizard Birkin

    as they say...there are great things to those who wait :smile:
  2. this is fun!

    1. 28 cm black box sellier Kelly (gold h/w)
    2. 28 cm white/toile Kelly
    3. 28 cm rouge H box Kelly
    4 30 cm black box Birkin
    5. 32 cm choco box HAC
    6. 28 cm choco box Kelly
    7. 30 cm bj Birkin
    8. rouge vif croc Medor Clutch
    9. rouge vif croc 30 cm Birkin
    10. black croc Kelly clutch

    .....there is more , but I will stop for now...
  3. 1. 32cm HAC in Rouge H or Raisin, PH, fjord or box leather
    2. 32cm Kelly in Rouge Vif or Rose Shocking, PH, chevre
    3. 28cm Kelly in black box with PH
    4. 30cm Birkin, Blue Jean, togo (a must!)
    5. Kelly Pochette in etoupe or black swift, PH
    6. Jige clutch, vert anis or chartreuse
    7. 30cm Birkin, matte croc, Barenia, PH :drool:
  4. LOL I just looked at my list and thought about the ten other bags that I want :p I can never make up my mind, there are too many choices!
  5. Fun! :tup:

    Rouge H or Black Jige PM
    Massai...not sure what color yet but do want Clemence
    White or Black Epsom Berlingot
    BJ Dogon Wallet
    Black or Rouge Karo
    I think that's it for right now!
  6. Oooh goodie - I love these threads;

    35 Birkin Raisin togo PH
    30 Birkin White/Toile combo PH
    25 Kelly Blk Box GH
    35 Birkin Matte Havanne P. Croc PH
    Kelly Longue Vermillion Lizard

    I need a "drumming fingers" smilie :p
  7. Wow...you ladies sure have some wants! LOL
  8. ^^ Aaarrggghh - and a combo trim (helloooo Jackie O)
  9. Croc Birkin/Kelly
  10. ^^ Oh and a Lindy - swift - 30 - in the green family.

    That's it.

    I think......
  11. This is such a fun thread!

    My wish list:
    1. 35 black box birkin with PH
    2. 30 blue jean birkin with PH
    3. 30 gold birkin with GH
    4. 30 rouge garrance birkin with GH
    5. 30 etoupe lindy
  12. Here goes mine...

    (1)32/35 H Orange Togo Kelly with PH
    (2)30 Black Togo/Box/Swift Birkin with GHW
    (3)Blue Brighton Masai PM Clemence
    (4)30 Rouge Garrance Togo Birkin with PH
    (5)34 Lindy Gold Clemence
  13. Ok, I needed this thread so badly right now! Here goes mine:

    1. 30 or 35cm Blue Jean or Brighton Blue Birkin (togo or clemence)
    2. Fuschia Ostrich anything (birkin, kelly, bolide or PB)
    3. 28cm Black Box Kelly or 30cm Birkin (Gold HW)
    4. Black Pourous Croc Jige or Lydie
    5. Black Box Medor Clutch or Kelly longue
    6. 31cm Cognac Ostrich Bolide
    7. 30cm Chocolate Chevre Birkin
    8. 30cm Rouge Vif or Rouge H croc Birkin (my holy grail)
    9. 30cm Black Croc Kelly (my other holy grail)
    10. 28cm Etoupe Swift Kelly with PH
    11. A sugar daddy to pay for all of this!
  14. 1. Fuschia Ostrich Birkin 35cm or 30cm
    2. Etoupe Birkin togo or Clemence
    3. Black Birkin Togo or Clemence or Vache liagee
    4. Chocolate Birkin
    5. Horsehair Birkin(Crinoline) , some kind of combo
    6.Many Lizard 25cm birkins in fruity colors
    7. Black JPG
    8. Gold JPG
    9. Bluejean Birkin
    10. Rouge Vif Birkin
    11. Cognac chevre Birkin, like Gina_b's
    12. Orange togo 30cm Birkin
    13. Fuscia Croc kelly
    14. Emerald green croc Birkin
    15. Matte berinia croc Birkin
    16. Matte rouge H croc Birkin
    17. Matte Black croc birkin
  15. This changes for me, often, but oh what fun to think...
    1) 35 Birkin, indigo barenia, PH
    2) 35 Birkin, black box, ruthenium
    3) 35 Birkin, raisin togo, PH
    4) 28 Kelly, retourne, black box, PH
    5) Kelly longue, anthracite porosus (glazed)
    6) 28 Kelly, anthracite (or graphite) porosus (glazed)