Whats in your Wapity TODAY?

  1. I had to take a photo of my camera with my phone and photoshop it all together! My Waps pretty heavy today.

    wapity contents fixed.jpg
  2. Wow! It fits all that? The camera too? I gotta get one of those!!!
  3. a little snug but yup. it all fits! I wish I had another camera to take an actual photo of everything inside!

    FYI - the camera is as flat as the phone.
  4. I use it as my makeup case for my purse so I have 2 lip glosses, lip liner, powder compact, tweezers, nail file and some medicine I carry with me. I :heart: my wapity!
    DSC03598.JPG DSC03600.JPG
  5. I had the white mc and returned it. But I want another one. They are so cute, but seem impractical (but what else is new with LV accessories?). What purse do you put it in?

  6. These:graucho:
    My balenciagas, Chloe paddy and LV speedy 30:love:
    DSC03592.JPG DSC03602.JPG DSC03604.JPG
  7. the white mc really goes with everything doesn't it? I may have to get one of those too!
  8. I know it won't fit in my classic/first balenciaga. It might seem kind of weird in my paddy too. Maybe in my manhattan gm. hhmmm.
  9. Are you sure? Look what fits in mine.
    DSC03595.JPG DSC03594.JPG
  10. nothing is in my wapity... because I dont have one... yet.... hehehehe! geez, its amazing how much stuff it can hold! thanks for making this thread, bagnshoofetish

    ranskimmie - i love your b-bags!!! ***waves to ranskimmies b-bags***
  11. Today mine has 4 different Clinique Butter Shine lipsticks, one Chanel Aqualumiere lipstick (Key Largo) and my albuterol inhaler (darn asthma).
  12. Is that magenta? I have the exact same one. I have trouble getting my chanel sunglasses case in there if I have my koala wallet, checkbook, phone, cles -- can you zip it up and carry it on your shoulder?
  13. Dang.. you're good... really good! :shocked::biggrin:

    Love your magenta!!!
  14. :yes: magenta
    :yes: zips up and still goes on my shoulder:biggrin:
  15. Today in my wapity: various ID cards and a credit card, my speedy's lock keys.

    I won't be taking it out today though, it's taking a nap in it's dust bag today since it's raining. But my wapity made its official debut outside of my purse (on its own, without my speedy) yesterday for my friend's graduation :biggrin: