Whats in your WAPITY...(pun intended(wallet)) :)

  1. Hey Ladies..ive been lookin at all your lovely wapities, and I wanted to know if my Treo 650 will fit in it. Does any of you have a blackberry or something similar and does it fit in your wapity? Thanks so much!!! :yes:
  2. my iPod mini fits in my Wapity. it's about 2" x 4"
  3. Thanks girl! Hey great collection by the way!.. ive seen all your fab outfits.. where did you get that "jumpsuit"? by the way....
  4. thank you :shame::love:!!

    the jumpsuit is from JLo by Jennifer Lopez :yes:
  5. I just got the Wh. MC wapity a few wks. ago. I have the Treo 650. I didn't know if I should by the wapity, cuz I'd love it to hold my ph. etc. like everyone else. But the Treo is too big. :cry: I knew this prior to buying the wapity and figured i'd just use the wapity for odds n' ends. Had to get it...it's way too cute!

    Since....I have gotten a new ph. The new Motorola "Q". Awesome ph., btw! :heart: :heart: It fits...but barely. So I just put my ph. in the lil pockets, in my speedy or whatever cuz I don't want to scratch my ph. I know I could've gotten a smaller ph. so that I could put in my wapity...but, I love phs. that are full of gimmicks, and the latest out there. So being the Treo was a smartphone, and the Q is also...and SOOO thin...Well, that's why! heehee!

    Out of curiousity I just got my old ph. the treo, and emptied my wapity..and yep, the ph. is too big....the antenna stub sticks out...and the case itself becomes a bit distorted. :sad:

    HTH :smile:
  6. I have a mono wapity and can't figure out what to put in it.

    Currently its in my room on a chair
  7. :cry:Thanks LVCrazed.. It would have been perfect for a quick run around wristlet. ...

    Iluvbags- I'm sure you'll figure out something.. we always do.. then you're gonna ask yourself.. "why didnt I buy this sooner??" I ALWAYS DO THAT:biggrin:
  8. No problem!;)