What's in your Treesje bag??

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    I thought it would be cool if we had a thread to show off all the goodies we carry in our Treesje bags daily. I also thought this would help to give us an idea of what the styles can hold. Please post some pics and lets see your essentials:tup:
  2. Pics of my blue Asher all loaded up and ready for a day on the town.
    Balenciaga Turquoise make-up w/ Coach charm
    Balenciaga Boutin D'or GGH money wallet
    Coach Amanda coin purse
    Tom Ford Whitney sunnies
    Cell and pink Ignes case
    and my keys

    sometimes I throw a book and a water bottle in there as well:smile:
    Treesje stuffed 002.JPG Treesje stuffed 014.JPG Treesje stuffed 017.JPG
  3. I have a purse organizer that fits perfectly for Magnolia and Asher. It helps to keep both bags more structrued, and allows me to put in my things in order. I don't have a pic. right now as I rotate my bags in a weekly basis, but I will be using my Plum Asher real soon, so I promise I will take pics. later to share the perfect match of a purse organizer vs. the Treesjes.
  4. tater...it's great to see someone else with an envirosac in their bag! I never go out of the house without one...
  5. I use the Treesje Divino Grande at the moment and I don't need a purse organizer since it has 3 compartments. I use my middle one for my wallet, glasses, keys, and whatever else I could need to take out that day. The other compartments, I would put phone, camera and such in one side, and other compartment would be beauty stuff I need with me, or anything else for me specifically. I will definitely take pics next time, promise!
  6. Hmm i should probably get a purse organizer since I can never find anything in my bag!
    I have a bunch of other junk in there I don't need to show you... like benedryl, tylenol, etc. ;D
    Purse-001.jpg Purse-002.jpg
  7. Here's what I can put in my new Geneva clutch/shoulder bag, and a lot more fits in there than I currently carry, as you can see.

    What the bag looks like when it's full:


    Packed up:


    What's inside:


    - Hayden-Harnett Clutch Wallet in Black Zeus (this is a big wallet, and it fits perfectly!)
    - Ray-Bans
    - Kleenex, inhaler
    - Big wad of keys
    - PDA
    - Cell phone
    - Lip balm, mirror, gum, eye drops...
    th_IMG_1487-1.jpg th_IMG_1488-1.jpg th_IMG_1489-1.jpg

  8. WHOAAAAAA....Didnt know a clutch could carry that much!
  9. grkbella, No kidding...it holds a TON, and can hold way more than what I put in it. And since it has a shoulder strap, it can work as a regular bag, too. :love:
  10. oooooooooooooooh boy, you guys are like enablers..
  11. As promised, here's my pics of my divino grande and what I put in it usually!

    Pic #1: My precious Divino Grande :smile:

    Pic #2: Green Clinique bag to hold my lipsticks, nail polish, nail filer, makeup brush/little makeup, Violet Linea Pelle Wallet, Gucci Sunglasses, car keys, headband, starbucks gift card (cant use in wallet, I want to be able to pull it out easily since I get coffee often), my iphone, pen, hair clips, Uno cards (My bf and I love to play late at night at my family's restaurant whenever we're bored :smile: ) and I usually carry my camera as well but couldn't take a pic of that lol

    Pic #3: The middle compartment that is zippered up. I put the things I need such as my glasses, keys, wallet, phone, camera and of course the Uno cards. There's also a zippered pocket, I put important things in there like pills or such.

    Pic #4: Shows the middle and front compartment. I use the front for all the hair and beauty stuff.

    Pic #5: Shows all compartments....the other compartment has my starbucks card, pen and stuff I may need to take out quickly.
    IMG_2702.JPG IMG_2698.JPG IMG_2704.JPG IMG_2705.JPG IMG_2706.JPG
  12. Wow! You can get A LOT in there! I :heart: :heart: :heart the multiple pockets...

    And I am an UNO freak as well. In fact, I am quite the UNO shark. :graucho:

    BTW, how is the Treesje patent? Is it pretty soft?
  13. SO soft, and so pretty to look at, and great to touch. I get tons of compliments on the patent....my brother loves buying expensive purses n bags for a girl for when hes dating someone seriously, and he saw my bag and was like wow...what designer is this? For a MAN to say that...definitely a great bag. It looks like an expensive bag bc of the patent and how it makes the gold look.
  14. Thanks for the info! Oooooo...now I am really tempted! I have been eyeing the grey patent Avalon and I missed the black patent Magnolia on Bonanzle the other day (for 199!!!)

    It's good to hear that their patent is top quality. It's hard to find good patent leather, IMO.
  15. I really like the look of these Treesje bags. Can you guys tell me about them? Are they heavy? Do they last? Are they made of real leather? Thanks!