What's in your Spy's secret compartment?

  1. Not the coin purse in the flap, but the other one... It's too narrow and/or too short for me to put a tube of lip balm or lip gloss in it. I didn't know what else to put in there so I put a rolled up $20 bill in there for "emergencies." I put my lip balm, but no money, in the flap coin purse because it tends to unsnap sometimes and I don't want to deal with spilling coins everywhere. After typing this out, I'm realizing how bass ackwards I am (keeping money in the tubular compartment/keeping lip balm in the money compartment). I'm curious to know if people keep something in the secret compartment or just leave it empty.
  2. i leave it empty cuz it clunks if you put things in it.. but i used to put coins! =)

    I have a friend who puts her lighter in there.. and sometimes.. ciggies!
  3. Nothing so far as I only discovered that little space the other day! I put my cell phone in the coin purse. I ADORE this bag. I do wish it had a pocket on the inside...
  4. LOL another secret compartment? (can you tell i dont' have a spy?) i just the other week discovered that the flap thingy opens into a mouth like space and thought that was pretty cool....now there is another one? Maybe i DO want a spy after all.... lol
  5. The authentic card and yellow envelopes.
  6. weed....to forget how much i spent on that bag :lol: but i love her regardless ;)
  7. hehehe... I do the same. I put a bill or two into the narrow secret compartment, in case of emergencies :smile:
  8. :sad: i want a spy now soley for the secret compartments! lol i remember when i was younger there were these cool shoes, and you lifted up the inner sole and there was a hidden away comartment in teh shoes....ppl put drugs in it i guess?? hahah it was cool anyways. and there were flames on the toes :P
  9. I have nothing in mine yet...
    But putting a few bills in for emergency is a great idea considering none of my lipsticks or glosses fit. :0(
    Well, maybe my lip venom because it's extra dinky.
  10. OK, I have to go now and check for that secret compartment everyone is talking about!!! I am a SPY virgin, so I haven't discovered it yet!!!:lol:

  11. LOL LOL that is sooo funny and such a good idea! LOL :biggrin:
  12. LOL:biggrin: :biggrin:
  13. LMAO!:lol:
  14. I leave mine empty too. I dunno, but I've read on this forum about the tiny hinge/clasp for the cover becoming loose so that it can't shut properly anymore. I don't want to fiddle with mine so much that the same thing happens to me. Better to leave it alone.
  15. I heard the same thing, TammyD, so mine is empty.