What's in your signature?

  1. We've had the presentation of your nicknames and avatars but what does your signature mean?!! :flowers:


    A lady never tells the size of her wapity in public.

    The first thing I saw on the Purse Forum and I found it hilarious. Ah, my perverted mind...

    Protected by HOTDAMN - Handbag Obsessed Travelling Disciplinarian Association of Mothers in Netherlands (and the odd can of whoop-ass)

    This is one of AccessoryObsessory's quips when I posted about my troubles. It made me smile when I really needed it. (I haven't seen her on in a while, hope everything is OK with her :sad:) HOTDAMN members: AO and Cal (official furnisher of cans of whoop-ass and cricket bats).

    Go Australia!!!! :biggrin: (Stolen from Cal's signature). Because I love my future country of adoption.
  2. Good idea for a thread. Mine's JJ from Good Times. I think he's sexy.
    All the guff at the bottom is to show my support to the socceroos. It should be gone soon. Unless we win. Then I'll move onto someother patriotic banner. Watch this space VVVVVVVV
  3. Mine's a line from one of BF and my songs.
  4. Mine means all the brand names of bags I love and cherish and well what can I say I've always loved Angelina from the start. Nothing could make me see bad of her. In my eyes she's great!
  5. Mine's a slice of one of my photos, and a link to my homepage. :biggrin:
  6. Mine is the ticker counting down to the day im going to Miami this summer.
  7. Mine is from an email a friend sent me to cheer me up when I was down about another friendship I had that was really worrying me. And it really put things in perspective that our circles change and people in our lives change and friends will either grow with you, or they will have to go, and I had to move on. Basically don't worry about all the drama and let it go. And then I thought back to what my grandmother would say about Eagles and Chickens.:lol:
  8. Mines what I wish I could do.
  9. mine is a quote by the oh-so-fabulous coco chanel, and once college football starts up in september, i'm sure i'll have to add some University of Georgia stuff.
  10. Ha, I just did mine, and this popped up! What a great place to preview it! It is from my Fave song by Gwen Stefani, which sums up Tokyo quite well. I lived there for ten years and have now been in the UK for 18 months, I miss it desperately.
  11. chag is the name of our boat and part of our initials. one bag atta time is how I like my husband to think my bags come to me :amuse:
  12. i used to be fat. accessories are much better for my diet. heh.
  13. It's a quote from So Lonely by Mariah Carey.
  14. Mine gets changed every so often, but for now, I have a ticker counting down the days until I see JK Rowling read in New York City (:yahoo: ), and a sig set I made of Harry, Ron, and Hermione:smile: .
  15. Cal, I LOVE your avatar! LOLOLOLOLOL

    I was trying to be artsy-fartsy and photographed my BJ Birkin 30 and Fuchsia Kelly 28.