What's in your Rebecca Minkoff bag?

  1. mockinglee, that clutch is really growing on me! Sooooooooooo cute!!!
  2. Heh heh....GUNG, do you have different sets of coordinating accessories for EACH of your MAs?
  3. Oops, sorry. Just read the "What kind of wallet..." thread and saw that it's a Cole Haan. Thanks.
  4. Soccermom: The woven coin purse is from Cole Haan in the aubergine color

    Bagfetish: The wallet holds a TON and closes easily! The bag in the picture with the pink wallet is navy blue

    I have a lot of accessories but I was feeling kind of bad because I think they totally don't match at all! I thought I was bordering on tacky with all the different colored accessories. Honestly, I have very few black or neutral accessories, and I didn't even realize it until now, after looking at my pics
  5. ^^ awesome thanks
  6. Not tacky at all! Very cute. I thought it was amusing that you had different sets for each bag. My bag guts pics are so boring...I just the same accessories in each.
  7. I think i need one of these handbags they are just so adorable.
  8. ^Atta' girl! We will help you find one too!:yes:

  9. I :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: your clutch! The color is gorgeous; I love how the purple suede and leather looks so regal and elegant. Your accessories are super cute too! The MBMJ clutch is lovely (no pun intended!) and I like your cool little canister thing on your keychain. Is it large enough where you can stow contraband in it?
  10. ^It's actually a mini flashlight!
  11. ^:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

    Love your bag, your accessories, and that beautiful Epi wallet! Gorgeous! Thank you for posting!

  12. Oooh, I like that! Thats just one of those things that are so commonsense but for some reason I never think of! Where can you get something like that?
  13. Mmmm....love that cognac MAM. Y'know, I've always been kinda meh on the MAs, but I think they're growing on me...might have to think about getting one myself....:graucho:

    GUNG, you can get one at that magnificent land known as...TARGET! :nuts:
  14. Give in to the temptation, Mockinglee! Just do it!
  15. Thank you, GUNG and mockinglee. :flowers: The cognac leather is different from my glazed espresso MAB. It is super soft and feels matt to the touch. I wonder how to take care of this type of leather?