What's in your Rebecca Minkoff bag?

  1. LOL GUNG, beano, thanks :biggrin:
  2. thanks, hollie and beano...
    i love that everyone is so helpful!:yahoo:
  3. I like your wristlet and wallet, the black looks good against the wine!
  4. That cosmetics case with the stars is so cute GUNG, who makes it?
  5. Here's what I always carry with me:
    Dior Gaucho continental wallet, I-phone, paperback, Belen Echandia make-up pouch, tissues and keys (which I've put in one of the side pockets.
    There's still room for more but I don't like my bags to be too full.
    Image16.jpg Image18.jpg
  6. Gung, or anyone else who uses one in their RM bags, should I get a regular medium or an extra-sturdy medium? Are the extra-sturdy ones also washable? Also, does anyone know if the large fits into the MA? TIA!!!

  7. dungareedolly.com makes the cutest cosmetic cases/pouches! You can choose the exterior pattern, the interior lining, and the loop detail on the side. Pretty reasonable prices too!

    A_COS.jpg A_MAIN_LG_COS.jpg

  8. Hey mintpearl, I would definitely get the extra sturdy one. I own a small Chameleon and it is so floppy/flimsy that is really doesn't work all that well (atleast for my needs) I have the medium and large in the extra sturdy, and it stays put and works very well in the MAM/MA. It stands up, holds a bunch of stuff, and gives the MAM/MA a bit of structure as well.

    I will get back to you on the large Chameleon/MA question as soon as I can :yes:
  9. this is it pretty much but w/ the current issue of lucky
  10. I LOVE YOUR STUFF! That MJ zip clutch is TDF! The scarf is a gorgeous print that looks fab against your MAM (MAB?) and the leather on the bag is just beautiful!
  11. i NEED a MJ zip clutch!!! i've seen several of them in this thread, love them!
  12. Im on a mission for a black one, too!
  13. New to PF, but I loove my MAM!!!!

    In my black basketweave MAM:
    1. Volcom Polkadot wallet (I NEED A NEW WALLET)
    2. Several assorted gossip mags (LOL)
    3. Bottle of Fiji Water
    4. Medium-sized Organizer
    5. Keys
    6. Pencil Bag
    7. Cell Phone
    8. Small Makeup Bag

    Not as organized/professional/designer as everyone else LOL! :p

    Maybe pics when I get home.. it should be funny.
  14. What is the color o this bag please.. ?
  15. I had to run out to the studio for a few hours today, so I took the opportunity to use my new No Strings clutch. I was able to fit a MbMJ Lovely Zip Clutch, keys, cell phone, eyeglass case, and security card with plenty of room to spare. Here are pics, since I love to pimp out pics of my stuff so much.
    DSC02060.jpg DSC02061.jpg DSC02062.jpg