What's in your Rebecca Minkoff bag?

  1. I will post tonight - time for work! (with my matinee, of course)
  2. What ISN'T in my Rebecca Minkoff bag, is the question?
    Seriously, you guys are so organized, but actual photos of the inside of my purse would put me to shame. So here's the quick rundown:

    -A book (I always carry a book so all my handbags have to fit one, I prefer to be able to fit even a hardcover if necessary. This is one reason I love the MA in the regular size. Today's book is "Eye of the Beholder" by David Ellis)
    -MJ Zip Clutch in Peanut
    -Prada credit card holder (great little holder; purple; I use this for my bus pass and subway tickets in one pocket and my business cards in the other)
    -medicine and vitamins
    -Blackberry Curve (it likes to call people from inside my purse if I forget to lock it - eek!)
    -a hat (it's unusually cold in the Bay Area recently)
    -keys, with my little gold venetia keychain and also a keychain for my favorite presidential candidate
    -a LOT of stray change
    -Chococat makeup bag full of makeup (I like Chococat :smile: )
    -cute little no-brand change purse (yet still I have tons of change in the bottom of my purse, why is that?)
    -oh, and I almost forgot - two pens and a tin of Chocolate covered Altoids
  3. In my dark grey Matinee:


    Main compartment: Clutch wallet, Coach makeup case, Loop/Parcel pouch, Coach wristlet (for cards), mini bridal planner, Hayden-Harnett coin purse, ginormous MbMJ sunglasses and case, security card for work, mess of keys.

    In pockets: iPod Shuffle, gum, mints, more lipglosses and balms than I really need, Band-Aid blister block, Advil, postage stamps, pen, travel mouse for my laptop, and MbMJ Daisy perfume ring hanging on the outside.

    Not shown: a folded nylon travel bag with carrying pouch for groceries/shopping (left it in the car) and cell phone (obviously taking the pic).


    ...and there is PLENTY of room to spare! I normally use a chameleon insert, but never found the need with this one. The pockets keep me organized enough and I don't even use them all. It's warm here now, but when it was colder I also had gloves and a scarf in there.

  4. no pics?
  5. Damn, there were pics earlier. Ok, here they are! :p
    0115080933.jpg 0115080936.jpg
  6. Brenn18--dont forget, post pics of your chocolate matinee! thanks.
  7. Just got home from work and it's almost 11. I have tomorrow off, so will post in the morning for sure. My boss commented on it today - I wore a shirt that matched the suede flaps so I could flip them back for a change. Ha!
  8. ok, cool. thanks!
  9. Can I ask where you can buy these "Chameleon Organizers"? I have never heard of these but they sound awesome! Thanks a bunch ;)
  10. in my saddle matinee:
    prada makeup bag
    bag of pens and pencils (so that ink and color don't get on the lining)
    coach wallet (that just can't be killed)
    paperwork for school
    cell phone
    small case with mini stapler, hole puncher, elastics, paperclips, sticky notes
    partridge in a pear tree
  11. In my dark grey MAB(and saddle Nikki when it's time to switch bags):

    1) wallet
    2) checkbook
    3) cosmetic bag - which I could make a whole separate list of contents for :smile:
    4) daily planner
    5) small notebook & pens
    6) keys
    7) cell phone
    8) ipod nano
    9) hair brush, hair ties, & hair clip (hey, ya never know which you'll need)
    10) sunglasses
    11) ibuprofen

    ....and plenty of room to spare for whatever I need to toss in during the day - which is one of the reasons why I love these bags!
  12. In my Elephant MAB:

    water bottle
    two wallets
    box of raisins
    one diaper
    random little toys for dd
    sleeper bag is folded into the front pocket
  13. you can also get the purse organizers at the container store (saw that on oprah!)
  14. I just posted this in another thread, but here is my chocolate/wine. It has the medium chameleon extra-sturdy in it - great Christmas gift. The medium takes a little work to get in the bag, but I don't change bags too often, so I don't mind. The color in these photos is pretty true to the appearance IRL.
    matineefront.jpg matineeclose.jpg