What's in your Rebecca Minkoff bag?

  1. lol...so true! :biggrin:
  2. loll

    you ain't got no job mannnnn

  3. Martinnn, Martinnn, I'm the man, whoa whoa....

    omg, you my girl, S! :ghi5:
  4. I know denim transfer is a problem, so I think you need to double up the chain and carry this lovely more!
  5. Hi dear miss traveler, may i ask what is your organizer's size? i recently bought one but it was too small,i can only put in small purses..TIA:smile:
  6. Hi Ms. Qi! I just measured my bag organizer and it came out: 11" in lenght, 6" in height & 3.75" in depth. Just the perfect size, IMO. It still gives me some room to squeeze in a bottle of water beside it :smile:
    What's the dimension of yours?

  7. Thanks for the info Miss traveler. It's almost same size! but for some reason I still think it's too small for me...maybe I really have too many stuff :p
  8. things in my RM Mab,,,

    LV monogram insolite wallet - orange
    lip gross
    eye drop
    compact brush
  9. :roflmfao: You two are cracking me up.
    "We're cat buglers, use your cat eyes"
  10. sheneneh is the best:

    "oh my goooooodnessss..." or "i'm a LADY...you don't disrespect no lady"
    lol lady what? where? lololololol
  11. oh mah guuhhh nesss
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    YES, THAT'S IT :roflmfao: oh man, sheneneh. that chick was busted! love martin lawrence.
  13. My first RM here's what's inside (so far)
    Black Ikat MAC
    -wallet (from Target)
    -work ID
    -travel ibprofin
    -Burt's bees
    -Stila Lip gloss
    -Michael Kors sunnies
    -Chanel foundation

    I'm sure I'll squeeze more in there! My phone and keys will surely be in the mix too
    image-1953753523.jpg image-740941892.jpg
  14. Nice! That is ow mine is! All my things with room to spare :tup: