What's in your Rebecca Minkoff bag?

  1. Wow lovely bag & contents glad you've joined the RM family :smile: I wanted to know the name of your juicy couture wallet? It's to die for... ;)
  2. oh thank you.. im happy to be part of RM fam too..will be staying here for good :yahoo:
    i got my wallet 2 years ago i guess..love it as well..its name is Brogue Diamond-Quilted Leather Zip Clutch
  3. Thanks for sharing it really is lovely!! :biggrin:
  4. you're very much welcome:smile::smile:
  5. Welcome to the family! Won't be your first... Love your wallet too!
  6. thank you!!!! how did you know??? hehehe... i actually just ordered a desire, and she'll b on her way next week!!!! so excited!!!
  7. Its always the way it happens, just when you think her new stuff is 'meh' and you're going to switch to Bal, Chanel, LV, Coach, AWang, whatever.... RM reels you right back in, LOL.
  8. Ruby MAM is looking sharp! Looks amazing!
  9. Thought I'd do an update on what's carted around in my bag (I'm procrastinating at work)...here's the Black MAM edition:

    • 'nerd alert' Erin pouch with power chargers, small pad and pen
    • small Tokidoki pouch with keys and work badge
    • Tiffany eyeglasses
    • MbMJ sunnies
    • Coach pewter expansion wristlet (cosmetics and various 'emergency' items)
    • Coach zip around wallet
    • Wintergreen Altoids
    • Snackimals cookies (only 110 calories per pack!)

    Starting to give some of my Coach SLGs some love after ages of neglect. I gifted/sold the bulk of my Coach bags, but I still love their wallets and wristlets!
  10. Wow eehlers! Not cheating today! :smile:
    As always - my eyes gravitated to your tokidoki!
  11. moved into viola cupid already



    and an rm dustbag has other uses

  12. OMG your dog is the cutest thing ever!! Love all the pouches - twins on the Handbag Fund one! How do you like the passport wallet?
  13. lol thanks! i love the passport wallet, this is the third one i've had. ive had black, plum snake (still have this one) and now this one. its the best inside for organizing all my cards:smile:
  14. LOVE the Viola! A very cool purple. And the pouches are the cutest! What color is "handbag fund"? that looks really hot!

    Everything in your purse is ADORABLE. The best cutie in there is your puppy! Too sweet!

  15. Wallet, keys, reusable shopping bag, pen, hair clip, gum, makeup bag, ID for the office.