What's in your Rebecca Minkoff bag?

  1. Heres my stuff!

    Dark Gray Morning After Mini

    In pics:

    Red Chameleon organizer
    Handmade Multicolor stars cosmetic pouch
    Handmade Black and white polka dot pouch for the essentials like chapstick, Purell, hand cream, sunblock, tide pen
    Light pink with crystals tampon holder
    Kisslock change purse with mushroom print
    Small spiral notebook
    Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch Wallet
    Marc By Marc Jacobs Red keychain pouch
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  2. Oh and here is my pencil and pen pouch! And the Longchamp planner agenda is on its way to me!
    CIMG5210.JPG a524_1.JPG
  3. Everything is so coordinated! :tup:

    I don't have a picture, but my evergreen MAM holds my standard haul: book, Le Sportsac makeup pouch, Kate Spade wallet, Anna Sui foldable hairbrush, Tide pen, Reisenthal foldable bag, wet ones, tissue, work cell phone, personal cell phone, pen, assorted receipts, small notebook, keys, inhaler and breath mints. Phew! Small wonder I prefer big bags.
  4. I LOVE WET ONES! But I cant figure out how to fit that big bottle in my bag!?

    Whats a reisenthal?
  5. In my gray MA bag:

    1) Two plastic file folders full of papers for work
    2) Feb '08 Domino magazine
    3) Feb '08 Elle magazine
    4) Silver Prada makeup bag
    5) Aleve bottle
    6) Black leather Prada checkbook wallet
    7) mini bottle of assorted vitamins
    8) breath mints and breath drops
    9) small hair brush
    10) folded green canvas Stop 'n Shop bag (in attempt to not collect plastic bags when I purchase things)
    11) Totes umbrella today, as it was raining a bit when I left the house
    12) PDA and Blackberry
    13) sunglasses
    14) a few pens, and a hair tie
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  6. Wow, I must hand it to you....Don't you feel heavy from all those stuff you carry??
  7. Can someone please share what they can fit in a Matinee?? i'm thinking about buying one and want to know how it compares to what a MA can hold. TIA!
  8. Hi slip,

    It definitely sounds like a lot, but I'm a NYer and I think NYers haul a lot of stuff due to the nature of transportation -- subways and cabs (not traveling in their own car). I leave in the morning and come back in mid-evening, so I kind of load up for the day. It's a work bag, so in a sense it's like a brief case. I'm a partner in a PR firm, so I'm constantly carrying files, client paperwork, invoices and magazines. The bag does start to get heavy when I throw in a bottle of water and change of shoes. I do see women carrying two or sometimes even three bags (two handbags/totes and one paper shopping bag from someplace like Saks with their shoes or lunch in it), which I simply could not do -- ever. I feel with that much stuff I'd be knocking people out on the subway or street when I turn around. I always go home to pick up my gym bag and drop off my other bag, so I'm not carrying both to workout.
  9. My matinee holds my red chameleon organizer, book, and large wallet. I don't consider it a big bag at all. I don't carry my day planner when I use it, because it is a struggle to get it in and out. You can carry a magazine in there, but would have to fold it. Maybe I need at MAB, too!
  10. Here's what's in my matinee:

    Metro pass, work ID badge, umbrella, ipod, paperback book, makeup case, sunglasses, 2 travel packs of Kleenex, Listerine breath strips, keys, cell phone, travel size hand lotion, travel size Purell, hat and gloves (they fit great in the side zip pockets!), and my wallet.

    And I have room for more stuff. :p
  11. here it goes.....in my Black MA:

    1. wallet
    2. checkbook
    3. lint brush
    4. hair brush
    5. lotion
    6. cell phone
    7. ipod
    8. HH coin purse
    9. misc. toiletries (hand sanitizer, chapstick, eye drops, whitestrips, breath spray, compact)
    10. bottle of vitamins
    11. misc. pens & papers
    12. keys

    wow!!! i didn't realize how much my bag holds!!!!
  12. Brenn--can you post some pics of your chocolate matinee?? Thanks!!!
  13. Morning After Mini in chocolate

    -Chloe wallet
    -digital camera
    -small makeup bag
    -cell phone

  14. Matinee in Gray -

    Black Chameleon organizer (which holds a ton of stuff - makeup bag, compact brush, lotion, pens, checkbook, chapstick, etc)
    Large Juicy Couture Wallet
    Sunglass and Glasses Case
    Daily Planner (which holds all my bills)
    Cell phone & Keys