What's in your purse?!?!?!?

  1. I was out to dinner with my SO tonight and he said that he had something in his teeth so I handed one of those little flosser things to take to the bathroom.
    He freaked out! You would have thought I had pulled out the kitchen sink!!!! All he kept saying was what else is in there?!!?!?!!?

    Do all of you guys carry tons of random things in your bags???? We should dump em out and take inventory!
  2. I carry everything with me! When I use my smaller bags I feel lost b/c I can't fit everything in my purse. In my purse right now, I have my work/ house keys, some makeup, perfume, pad of paper and some a pen, gum, thank you cards, a comb, tylenol, toothpicks, a wristlet, bobby pins, hair elastics, a calculator, scotch tape and a screw driver. ( I was taking off my license plate today) if i didn't carry tons of stuff with me on a daily basis life would just not be the same
  3. My SO carries it around in his pocket, he always has to have his floss!