What's in your purse?

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  1. What make is your purse and what's in it right now?

    Mine is a Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 30

    Right now, there's

    Wonder Woman day planner
    Amanda's Wedding by Jenny Colgan
    Little black umbrella
    Gucci sunglasses
    Orbit Gum
    Dr. Pepper lip gloss
    Monogram Canvas cigarette case (for the bills)
    Metal cigaratte case (for the change and the Loonies and the Toonies)
    Swatch watch (I never wear a watch)
  2. This should really be in the Handbags & Purses section.:idea:
  3. This is a great question (Audrey where are you?!?!)!!

    Right now, my stuff is in a Bleu Nuit mini loaf Chloe paddington:

    mulberry wallet in oak
    jay strongwater lipstick case with a mac lipstick inside (verve)
    paisley tissues
    keys to my car
    cell phone
    tiny pocket light
    my work badge

  4. - Cherry Pochette Accessories to hold my easy-fast to access things
    -LV Wallet
    - Tissues
    - Detol Wipes
    - Gums
    - Evian Spray
    -cell Phone + Headset
    -mini perfume
    - lip Balm
    -Hand cream
    that's all i can remember now LOL.. will post pic as soon as i can =)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.