What's in your perfume collection?

  1. I'm a light scent kind of girl. Don't wear that much perfume but once in a while I'll pick up a new bottle. I don't wear it on a daily basis, only on my days off when I'm with my boyfriend or whenever I remember to. Sometimes I'll forget and go months without spraying anything on. Perfumes go bad right? Well I was just wondering what type of scents my fellow tpf girls enjoy and what's in their collection. Do share.

    Banana Republic: W and Classic
    Escada Rockin' Rio
    Davidoff Cool Water
    Britney Spears Curious
    Anna Sui
    Estee' Lauder Pleasures
    Tommy Girl

    My Favorites
    Issey Miyake
    Victoria's Secret Pink
    Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
  2. Well I have quite a collection now.

    Escade - Magnetism
    Hanae Mori
    Ferragamo - Charms
    Victor Rolf - Flowerbomb
    Escada - Pacific Paradise
    Burberry London
    Gucci - Envy Me 1
    Hermes...I dont remember what kind, but it's in a blue bottle. It came with a book.
  3. Calvin Klein: Truth, Eternity, Escape and Contradiction
    Gucci: Envy
    Robert Piquet: Fracas and Bandit
    Moschino: I Love Love
    Michael Kors: Island
    Chanel no. 5
  4. Dior: Miss Dior Cherie, Pure Poison, Poison Hypnotic
    Gucci: Envy Me, Envy Me 2
    Yves Saint Laurent: Paris
    Chanel: Madamoiselle
    Jean-Paul Gaultier: Jean-Paul Gaultier
  5. I wear perfume every day. Most recently I've been wearing Rose Ikebana by Hermes. It's absolutely fabulous. Prior to discovering this scent I was switching between Donna Karan's Cashmir Mist and Tiffany & Company's Pure Tiffany, which are also great scents.
  6. I am allergic to almost every perfume in the book-very few I can wear. I must have natural, non flower, non sweet smelling scents. makes it hard to buy anything.

    Though-I am ok with Cool Water and Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea
  7. I only wear the first 2, but I have:
    Quel Ques Fleurs

    Gucci Envy
    Gucci Rush
    Tiffany Trueste
  8. I like them light as well, as strong, heavy perfumes trigger my migraines:noggin:

    My current collection is:

    Marc Jacobs Cotton
    SJP Lovely
    Jo Malone Lime Blossom
    Jo Malone Grapefruit
    Sheer Tiffany
    Carolina Herrera 212
    Carolina Herrera Flore

    They say scents last for only 1 year, but mine are light enough to last for longer, I think.
  9. I don't really wear purfume but here is my collection:

    Ralph Lauren's Romance & Ralph
    Davidoff Cool Water
    Gucci Rush
  10. Kenzo - Kenzo D'ete
    Kenzo - Summer
    Yves St. Laurent - Paris
    Yves St. Laurent - Baby Doll
    Origins - Spring Fever
    Clinique - Wrappings
    Escada - Island Kiss
    Escada - Sentiment
    Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy Girl Summer
    Guess - Guess
  11. cool water
    paris hilton
    gap dreams
    clinique happy(him:graucho: whoops)
    elizabeth arden green tea..
    tommy girl
    versace pink jeans
    ck- escape
    gucci envy
  12. I don't have very many because I usually forget to put it on!

    Burberry Brit
    Touch of Pink by LaCoste
    Marc Jacobs
    Romance by Ralph Lauren
    Be Delicious by DKNY
    Acqua di Dio (which I totally forgot I even owned until I went into my medicine cabinet for this post!)
  13. Funny :P
    I'm like that with make up and nail polish.:girlsigh:
  14. Bulgari: Eau Parfumee Green, Black, Blu (I love Bulgari because a lot of their scents are based on tea, and I LOVE tea.)
    Fresh: Bulgarian Rose
    Jo Malone: Grapefruit, Nectarine Blossom and Honey, Lime Basil and Mandarin

    I really want to get the Fresh Index box set which has little bottles of everything in the Index collection.
  15. Here's my collection this year:

    Coco Chanel - for family events
    Britney Spears Fantasy - for everyday work at the studio
    Dolce Vita Christian Dior - for evening outs
    Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior- for dates or late nights out
    Lancome Magic Noir - for more intimate dates
    Aqualina Pink Sugar - for girls days out
    J'Adore Dior - for baby showers, bridal showers etc.
    Liz Claiborne - on location work days
    and finally-
    any Victoria Secret body splash spray for after the gym.
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