Whats in your opinion, the "holygrail" of birkins, objectively speaking?

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  1. I am curious to hear what everyones opinion is of which size/color/leather/hardward combinations are the most sought after, most quintessential birkin bags? Your opinion of most wanted, regardless of whether you personally like them, want them, or have them.

    I'll take a stab at this - I would say, in no particular order:

    35 cm black togo with PH

    35 cm natural barenia with GH

    35 cm black box with GH

    35 cm cognac ostrich with GH

    35 cm blue jean togo with PH

    For what its worth, I dont have or want any of these, well maybe with the exception of the first and last ones.
  2. I hope the last one is, but I'm biased! haha. But anyway, I'm not sure about what everyone else wants but I really want a bi-color croc birkin. I think croc birkins in general are totally holy grail! :yahoo:
  3. I've heard hopeful requests for Black 35 from walk-ins when I've been present. I would imagine Box leather is a favorite.
  4. would say the most popular is black 35. i would say 30 fuschia croc with diamonds!!!
  5. i think natural barenia is more flexible-color/leather wise (thou, i dont know if its a H Grail)....wonder if its light weight.
  6. rouge hermes box seller kelly 32 with white stitching and gold hardware
  7. 35 cm black togo to most..... 35 cm black box to tPFers...... 30 cm black box to me.
  8. I was told by a reseller that black birkins are harder to get to resell because so many people like them and keep them in their wardrobe of bags. That's interesting because I requested one at last podium just 'cause I thought it would be a neat knock-around go everywhere bag.

    Apparently a lot people agree.....

    Don't know if, at large, more people would want the 35 or the 30cm....here on tpf, both sizes seem to be sought after.
  9. I agree that black is the favorite, especially for those that plan on one Birkin only. Gold is another favorite.
  10. My guess would be black togo 35cm Birkin with GH.
  11. I would guess;
    blk togo 35cm GH
    gold togo 35cm GH
    BJ togo 35cm PH

    For TPFers the Black Box factor kicks in... and for me
    graphite poro croc 30cm RH :girlsigh:
  12. my holy grails are in my signature... hehehe
    i want the BJ kelly and gold clemence the most, followed by the vert chartreuse....
    those are my holy grails for i don't see my self to have the need or carry an exotic for my lifestyle (still 23...) so it's the end of the road for bags after I make the jump to get these babies!! :smile:
  13. In my neck of the woods, togo is a very popular skin. Followed closely by box.

    As for colors, the most popular are black (PH/GH), gold (GH), and blue jean (PH).

    Sizewise it would definitely have to be the 35 cm.
  14. There's only one in my opinion!

    30cm Black Box with gold hardware

    Grail for me was with exotic hardware. I have my BBB with Ruthenium hardware
  15. I love this too. :heart:
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