What's In Your Mulberry Bag?

  1. Currently using my smallest Mulberry (small Effie satchel) cos most of my junk is in a work bag:-
    Lancome lipstick
    Mini Lancome mascara
    Hair brush
    Tesco vouchers
    Car keys

  2. Please post pics too guys, it's nice for us gals to get a peak inside other people's yummy Mulberry's.....
  3. I love this thread....i'm such a nosey parker!!

    Im using my lovely new to me Greta today

    I think the sunglasses and brolly sum up the weather in Brighton today! :graucho:
  4. Wow, I love your bag, and am drooling over your pink key pouch (I NEED one), and your packing skills. Gorgeous!!! I also love your complementary pinks with your prada saffiano (just bought one today! so giddy!) and your mulberry pouch.
  5. Eggplant lily with contents...

    Lip balm
    Balenciaga perfume
    Chanel powder compact
  6. Lovely bag and purse. I have that same Chanel compact. It's so pretty and the powder smells so good! :biggrin:
  7. Thanks! The purse is just a wee river island one, but its an ideal size for my Lily's.

    The powder is gorgeous, I went to buy mascara and got swayed by it!
  8. My bag is a pig sty just now :o
  9. So I recently did a mini reveal in the Amazing Alexa Club Thread, and as someone asked what I could fit in, I thought I'd do a 'whats in my bag' post.

    So this is a mini alexa in raspberry. In her I can easily fit:
    * Polly Push purse in midnight?
    * Cath Kidston zip pouch with cosmetics etc in
    * Cath Kidston travel card holder
    * Fizzbag
    * Anti-bacterial gel
    * Hand cream

    This is what i'm carying about at the moment in my mini bag. for reference you can fit a small umberella in also, so plenty of space, but would possibly have to take out the fizbag.
    002.1.jpg 015.1.jpg 022.1.jpg
  10. Gorgeous bag, I've never seen this one before, it's stunning!
  11. Can't quite believe how much a Lily can hold. Heaps!
  12. I've really enjoyed seeing everyone else's posts on this thread so thought I would post mine...here is what's in my Bayswater.

    Mulberry pink continental wallet
    Jack Willis make up bag
    Chloe pouch containing painkillers, hand cream etc
    Work laptop lock key
    My very very cheap and very favourite sunglasses!
    Earphones in pouch
    Lead for iPhone
    Usually my kindle but I left it out earlier
    Usually my phone too but used it to take pics!

    :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365016064.862511.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365016077.857151.jpg
  13. In my bays today:
    -mulberry agenda
    - lv wallet
    - ray bans
    - shopping bag with today's goodies
    - phone

  14. ...and a tomato??


  15. Ha,ha i forgot. Its a eos lipbalm:smile: the only one that works for me. But it kind of looks like a tomato in the pick. Oops:smile: