What's In Your Mulberry Bag?

  1. Any of you girls ever want a Coach wristlet, let me know as I have a store nearby and it would be a good excuse to go to the mall! To forewarn you, the postage to send a package is outrageous, though! I think about $45.00 which in pounds, isn't bad. Just let me know!!
  2. There's no Coach store in the UK? Just curious...

  3. Nope!
  4. Good for you!!! The size is perfect to fit in the Antony and it's nice and slim so you can still fit other stuff in the bag ok. I carry my ibuprofen, chapstick, mini maglite, pen. swiss army knife etc in my wristlet!:nuts:
  5. Nope, unfortunately not, and some of the fakes on eBay uk are shocking.
  6. Kroquet, you're an absolute gem - I may take you up on that offer sometime.
  7. I've 'bumped' this so we don't lose it and I'm also hoping that it will inspire everybody with their new Roxy's to post photos of what the bags hold on this thread.

    I know I am nosey but I think it would help those of us who think we NEED a Roxy to see exactly how much stuff it can take. Its nice to actually see photos of the bags with the things in too.

    If you need more inspiration - take a look at the similar thread (sticky) on the LV forum!
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^In mine?? Mostly nappies!!!
  9. ^ Clean I hope!
  10. In bag when travelling:
    lulu guinness handmirror
    chanel lipstick
    fossil purse
    tesco's mp3 player
    tescos mobile } You can see where my priorities lie
    note book and pencil ] I'm not a police woman
    tablets } preseciption
    car keys
  11. Don't know why Coach left the UK....I used to love getting bits when I was over...:sad:
  12. DH is back at work on Tuesday so I'll get new lemon Roxy out then & snap her with all my gear in - just for you Ali!
  13. Not when I've used them to blow my nose in!!! Hahaha!!:nuts:
  14. Excellent thanks SJ you are so good to me!
  15. Oh thats to bad that it left...great store. We are getting a Coach boutique here...should be opening within the next few weeks.