What's In Your Mulberry Bag?

  1. Thanks- DH got it for me on his last trip to the states!
  2. Blimey Jo - what a neat & tidy girl you are! I've been putting off showing the inside of my bag - looks like an explosion! I'm really tidy in everything else - house, desk, car but my bag is another matter!!
  3. my house is a tip, can't see the desk for papers but my bags are always tidy and organised!!!!!
  4. ^If you're anything like me, you change your handbags so frequently that you don't get rubbish in it.
  5. my bags are a disgrace inside. awful doesn't describe it.
  6. Here is what´s in my bag (with a bit of variation): Nokia cellphone, pocketsized Filofax, Paul Frank makeup bag, two really ugly key bands with keys, small Somerset purse, small coin purse (really old) and sometimes the Ju-Ju Be diaper case. And a various heap of baby stuff and other things. :smile:
    Bag contents.JPG
  7. I really love that Somerset purse mymlan. Is your Roxy Chocolate or Black?
  8. I have to admit that I haven't been too keen on the Roxie (please don't hit me!!) but I am changing my tune everyday when I see the ones here. I am really loving the vanilla one which I think would look really great even in winter with blacks and browns.
    I really am seriously thinking of selling a couple of bags to fund a purchase.
    We have a place here that will sell your items on eBay for a fee and they do all the work. Might have to check them out next weekend!

    Is the vanilla darwin or glove leather??

  9. :yes:
  10. I change my bags regularly too but I just move all the rubbish from one to another!
  11. Oh sarajane - thats NOT the idea... you're supposed to get rid of the rubbish everytime you change a bag, not take it with you!
  12. Thanks Jo that's very helpful!:tup:Still dreaming of an Antony one day as a "weekend" type bag - not that I really get weekends, but never mind!!:p
  13. Jo - inspired by you I've just bought a Coach Wristlet from eBay to go in my Antony when I get it rather than having my lipsticks, tweezers and Ibuprofen laying about.
  14. Jo thanks for posting pics of your antony, I'm quite tempted. Looks like it may be perfect for me on days out with my niece.

    I love coach wristlets and have two. On a (boozy) night out or if I'm just going to work I take a wristlet, I can get a small change purse, ID, bank card, keys, phone and a lip salve in there. Just gutted that it's not a brand we can get in the UK and that authentic ones are so few and far between on ebayUK.

  15. I know! You've all motivated me & I had a big clear out today. Oh, the crap that was in there!! Even found two Transformers that son No 2 has been looking for for ages, whoops! Now I'm all neat & squeaky clean, may be able to post a pic without feeling ashamed....