What's in your Mulberry bag?

  1. Shamelessly stolen from the Bbag forum...I am nosy about what people carry round with them! I'll get the ball rolling. I have my olive Elgin with me today, stuffed to the top with:

    Mulberry small wallet in oak darwin
    Leopard print umbrella
    RayBan Wayfarer sunglasses in case (some hope)
    iPod in case with headphones
    Car keys on Darth Vader lego keyring
    House keys on Mulberry silver heart keyring
    Work pass
    Memory stick
    Work diary
    Lots of A4 papers (indexing work for overtime)
    3 sheep stress toys
  2. Have my chocolate Annie containing the following:

    - keys with h&m keyring
    - phone
    - cheap canvas wallet (I need a nice leather one!)
    - work pass
    - prescription sunglasses
    - diary
    - notebook
    - address book
    - cardigan in case it gets cold
    - small black h&m bag with hairpins, aspirin, chewing gum and all those little things that usually get lost in your bag
    - and a little box with candy

    ... and I could fit in lots more!
  3. I am on holiday this week staying at home with my five year old girl.

    But I still manage to have in my Mulberry Blenheim:
    Gucci sunglasses ( why! I do not know)
    Gucci wallet
    Prada key ring
    Work pass
    Chewing gum
    Oyster card (travelling around London)
    Mobile phone (small Samsung Blush X830)
  4. Black Darwin Mulberry Wallet
    HP PDA w/ Wi-Fi
    Cell Phone
    USB Thumb Drive
    Business Cards
    Pictures/misc cards
    Purse Brite Organizer with:
    2 Clinique Almost Lipstick
    1 Clinique Different Lipstick
    1 Lancome Le Rouge Absolu Lipstick
    1 Lancome Juicy Tube lip gloss
    1 Lancome Compact Pressed Powder
    1 Lancome Blush Subtil
    Hand Lotion
    Not Shown: pens, Rosary
    Makeup goes in rotation with my other makeup stash