What's in your MIU MIU?

  1. I've seen this idea posted in other forums, and thought it would be great here! (I looked through old threads and haven't found a similar one, so I hope I'm not reposting unnecessarily!)

    So... WHAT'S IN YOUR MIU MIU? :smile: Show us pics!

    Here's mine:

  2. ^^love your wallet (birdhouse?)!
  3. haha thats the SAME thing i was going to say how cute is that wallet! :smile:
  4. i didn't empty the contents in my makeup pouch.
    there is an anna sui mirror, dior gloss show in silver and chanel glossimer in blizzard.
    i like to keep my bag light :smile:!
  5. heh, yes! it's a birdhouse... :p

    sometimes i fall for the cute stuff, it's paul frank... but i just couldn't resist!
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]

    my miu miu nappa spring in cammello! i emptied the content of my make up pouch in the second pic! i'm sorry for the mess haha i'm a lippie junkie! :shame:
  7. ^wow, that miu miu wallet is very cute!! love your bag as well. you really are a lippie junkie, i'm impressed!

    thanks for sharing :smile::smile:
  8. Evilarchitect- love your bag! I am not familiar with Mui Mui bags (am just beginning to like them), what is this style called? Do they have other colours? And if you don't mind me asking, how much is it? Thanks... sorry for all these questions!
  9. thanks babe! i love your bag too! i was debating between my nappa spring and your bow satchel! in the end i decided i needed a bigger bag. haha! and that's just the tip of the iceberg of my lippie collection..i think i've got enough lipstick/gloss/balm whatsoever to last my entire life!!
  10. Loungegirl - the bag is called the soft calf bow satchel. They do it in black, brown, off-white (which is the one I have), white leather and brown seude. I paid around £520 for mine.
  11. Thanks sarajane! I'd like to get the off-white too, hope I can find it!!
  12. Here's my off-white soft calf bow satchel with the junk I carry around. There's also a gold D&G Razr mobile but I forgot to take it out of my bag! I've edited out my 6 yr old's stuff or else there'd also be Star Wars figures & Spiderman!! So it's keys (house & Mini Cooper Convertible), Designer Guild purse, Armani sunnies, Mulberry make up bag, orange ipod Shuffle, Clinique lippy and compact, mirror.
  13. how do you keep your wallet so clean??
    i've had mine for 2 weeks..and it looks like its turning brown! :cursing: yikes!!
  14. wanted to post a what's in my bag and to revive this thread :smile:

    Carried the black mini bow out today with:
    - prada saffiano keypouch
    - miu matalasse wallet (3 years old)
    - raybans sunglasses
    - note2 mobile
    - brolly (with the slightest hope it'll rain)
    - tissue holder with japanese print
    - n95 mask (for self)
    - surgical mask (for giveaway)

    my country singapore's having quite a bad haze problem due to the indonesian fires, so i brought a mask, and another spare to give to those who are in need of one :smile:
  15. Love these kinds of threads... Here goes!

    I carry minimal stuff for the mini bow, only what i need really!
    Ipad mini, iphone, purse, cosmetic bag, hand cream, spray and keys!!!! I only carry the ipad if i really need it.