What's in your mini skinny?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm a little new to the forum and buying Coach. I got my first from my bf a couple months back and I love it!:yes: Enough that I made him drive a hour to the outlet to check some more stuff. I wanted a smaller bag, so I got the sig demi pouch and its so cute! So now I have to downsize everything that goes into my purse.:sad: I've had a white leather mini skinny that I use to keep change in now that I have a smaller purse I put my change in my wallet and use the mini skinny to put my lip gloss & chapstick. That got me thinking, what does everyone else use their mini skinnies for?? Do you have more than one? Sorry for all the questions, just interested in everyone else's ideas. Thanks!:flowers:
  2. cell phone, ID, DC, giftcards, and cash. maybe some reciepts and change.
  3. ^^ Same over here. =)
  4. I feel like the only weirdo that doesn't use it like a wallet.
  5. i have my id, credit cards, bank cards, money, reciepts, business cards.....it holds alot more than i thought it would.
  6. But lately I haven't been using my skinny. I'm either going to go for the patent or go for a marc jacobs one.
  7. Store discount cards, Metrocards, college ID, and my tips that I get at work- its a lot easier than shoving cash in my pocket or in my bra, lol (oh, I work at a theater).
  8. I have gone through phases where it's my wallet and then I don't use one at all ... now I'm using it to house the cards I never use, but like to have with me, because if I don't I'll need them (all those store discount cards, etc.)
  9. I have 2..but only use one at a time. I mostly stuff in it money (dollars & coins), receipts & sometimes if I'm running to the store & the mini is all I'm bring I'll put my id, cc, & health insurance card in there (you never know).
  10. Money, cards like ID, credit and bank cards...I use it like a wallet in my hampton bag
  11. Just change...I use it like a coin purse
  12. Same for me!!!!

    I actually use a wristlet as a wallet....much like everyone else uses the mini skinny.
  13. I usually use mine for stuff that I can grab quickly in my bag,instead of digging through it,so i usually use it for cash and my bank card.:yes:
  14. i keep myy sixflagsseason pass and store cards and change
    haha i wish i had stuff to put it in card wise
  15. ID, debit card, insurance cards, cash, coins, gift cards, loyalty cards.

    I use mine as a wallet, and often it is the only thing I grab when running errands. It is super easy to slip into the diaper bag, but still have access to the essentials.