What's in your makeup case?

  1. Well, most of us carry them. I know I have one that I carry all the time. Since I'm starting a new job I was hoping maybe this would give me some good ideas of something I should be carrying, but I'm not. So I guess I'll start:

    Currently I'm toting around everything I'm wearing on an everyday basis.

    Elizabeth Arden tinted moisturizer
    BE Sorbet Blush
    BE Fantasy Island Eyeshadow
    BE Carnival Liner
    MAC Brow Pencil
    Anastasia Brow Gel
    Anastasia Highligher
    Prescriptives Lash Envy (my new FAVORITE mascara)
    MAC Tinted Lip Moisturizer
    MAC Spice Lip Liner
    MAC Cioa Manhattan
    Some brushes

    All wrapped up in a Monogrammed Coach Beauty Case. It's the only thing that will fit all my stuff. I'm currently looking for a Chanel Case to use.
  2. Ok , her goes :

    Laura Mercier candlestick gloss ( hated it , now luv it )
    Laura Mercier translucent pressed powder
    Laura Mercier lipliner in potpurri
    Sue Devitt eyshadow in St. Barths
    Stila eyeshadow in Jezebelle
    Nars lipliner in Rosebud
    Laura Mercier concealer ( 3 ? )
    Nars concealer brush
    Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Cobalt
    Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush
    Maybeline eyebrow pencil blonde
    Nautica tweezers I stole from fiancee
    L'oreal Shocking Volume mascara ( this stuff is awesome ! )
    Giorgio Armani blush in #3
    Giorgio Armani gloss in CBE
    Giorgio Armani gloss in CAC
    Rimmel Sweet Jelly in Moreish
    Cargo Smoky Eye Duo in Madagascar
    Benefit High Beam
    Sephora Blush Brush
    3 Sephora eyeshadow brushes

    It's packed to the gills . You can never be too prepared !
  3. ^^^Wow and I thought my case was overloaded. Where do you keep all of that?
  4. i try to keep my daily makeup carrying to a minimum. i have:

    diorshow mascara in black
    revlon colorstay eyeliner in black (i swear to you, best eyeliner on earth!)
    mac plushglass in fulfilled
    mac lipglass in lovechild
    mac select sheer pressed powder in NW15
    giorgio armani concealor
    jo malone purse spray in nectarine blossom and honey

    i don't carry my foundation, bronzer, or eyeshadow around because they take up too much space and i'd never redo them during the day anyway. some days i don't carry anything but my lipglass and plushglass, it just depends on where i'm going and who i'm seeing.
  5. What is plushglass? I've never heard of it.
  6. I keep it very simple:
    powder compact
    mac lip liner
    lip gloss
    a nail file. Real exciting, I know!
  7. May I ask if you use the pencil or the liquid? Thanks!
  8. Simple here, too:
    MAC Blot powder
    DiorKiss in Praline
    Benefit Dallas
  9. girlsgottoshop isn't that praline DiorKiss lovely? My SA gave me a sample a while ago and I'm hooked.
  10. it's like lipglass in that it's super duper shiny and smooth, but it also has lip plumper ingredients in it - they're brand new and LE! i'm going to have to stock up before they go away for good.
  11. i use the pencil - i like a distinct, straight line and don't smudge, and this stuff is perfection for that.
  12. I try to fit everything in my small Prada cosmetic bag...

    DiorKiss in Lychee Rose
    DiorShow Mascarra
    Benefit Eye Liner
    Guerlain Terracota Bronzing Powder
    NARS Concealer
    NARS Multiple (all-in-one multi purpose make-up stick)
    MAC Blot powder

  13. Thanks. I will have to give it a try. I use liquid liner...l'oreal lineur intense and that's the best I've used. It's all in the brush...it's a very fine brush so it makes a nice line. I'd love to have a pencil that worked as well. I also do love colorstay...well, I DID until they decided to discontinue my lipstick. I have used the colorstay lipcolor for years, the one that doesn't come off. I can't stand having anything on my lips that I can smell, taste, or feel, or has any kind of stickiness. The colorstay was great as it felt like I wasn't wearing anything! Now they reformulated it to be more moisturizing...called Soft & Smooth, and it's now sticky. YUCK!
  14. Dang! I wish I had my camera. I am getting way too lazy:shame:

    Kate Spade gold metallic make up bag
    1. Chanel Glossimer in Glaze
    2. Diorshow Mascara in black
    3. Maybelline Great Last in blackest black mascara(need to toss it)
    4. Sample Chanel Chance perfume
    5. Glass nail file
    6. Estee Lauder Pure Color Gloss in Star Pink
    7. MAC Lipglass in Revealing
    8. Pink Tweezerman tweezers
    9. Tin pill container
    10. Band-aid
    11. Goody pocket hair pic
    12. Neutrogena Instanf Nail Enhancer
    13. Shu Uemura Lash Curler
    14. Dior liner sharpener
    15. L'Occitane Hand Cream
    16. MAC Lip Liner in Chestnut
    17. Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner in Black Ink
    18. Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine eyeliner brush
    19. Naphcon A eye drops
    20. copper safety pins
  15. I'm like Ranskimmie: simple.

    Anti-bacterial soap
    Nail file
    Nail clippers
    Lancome bronzing powder
    Dior Eye Shadow