What's In Your Make-Up Bag?


Oct 3, 2005
So I just got a new Gucci make-up bag, and you know when you get something new and you wonder what to put in it... so right now I am looking an only have:
- YSL Conceler
- YSL Mascara
- La Mer Lip Balm
- Travel Advil
- Compact Mirror
Holy crap...I could take up so much time and space telling you what's in my makeup bag...but here's a small sample:

MAC Blossoming Blush
MAC Plum Foolery Blush
MAC Expensive Pink e/s
MAC Strawberry Blonde l/s
MAC Wonderstruck l/g
Dior hydrating concealer
Dior Ultra-Mat makeup
MAC Prep+Prime
Dior Diorshow mascara
Benefit BrowZings
Chanel nude l/l
MAC compact
Revlon navy blue and black/brown eyeliner
Lancome Color Design e/s (forgot the color taupe/brown'ish)
Benefint High Brow
Px Zodiac Beige liquid e/s
Benefit Dallas highlighter
MAC Belightful highlighter
..that's just the tip of the iceberg!!! (Also, this is not in my travel bag, my home makeup bag...I swear I'm not HM!!!

I have lip gloss, lipstick, then more lipgloss, another lipstick, did I mention lipgloss, lipgloss, lipgloss and more lipgloss.

I like lipgloss ;)
Mine is quite simple... off the top of my head i know I have some Clinique cream for under the eyes, Kiehls lip balm, mascara, and some loose poweder and eye shadow. Nothing extravagent, just essentials to carry around!
- Lancome black eyeliner
- Lancome brown eyebrow pencil
- Maybelline great last in blackest black
- Maybelline eyelash curler
- CO Bigelow all purpose rose salve
- CO Bigelow lip balm
- Lancome juicytube in miracle
- CO Bigelow ultra metha lip shines
- The body shop's born lippy in watermelon
- Tarte blush
- Chapstick brand winnie the pooh chapstick

I've been carrying tons of lip products with me for some reason!
I don't wear make-up so I keep my make-up bag simple and practical known as my emergency kit. Lip gloss, floss, mini comb, mints, Tylenol, and a feminine product (just in case my monthly visitor pays a visit).
nonono nothing like that :weird:........just a pretty rock i found that i like (it's blue and smooth and pretty)..........although ppl do get kinda freaked out when i pull out the razor blade to cut loose threads
Estee Golden Alligator compact with tranlus. powder
Estee Spice lip pencil
Lancome definicils mascara, noir
Estee pure pop lipgloss
Tweezerman tweezers
Revlon cream eyeshadows in "shells"
Extra hair tie and frizzease