What's in your LV bag today?

  1. Hi fellow tPFers!

    I know there was a previous thread on this a long time ago..but my eyes are already strained looking for it but i just can't find it! I hope you guys don't mind that I started another one. ;)

    Here's my bag for today -- a white MC trouville! It's fairly new. I had my sister buy it for me when she went to paris last June.
  2. and here's a sneakpeek of what's inside! :graucho:

  3. Pisa are from the last time I used the montsouris :p

    show 020.jpg

    show 021.jpg
  4. what's inside:
    LV monogram wallet
    LV damier pouchette (came with the damier bucket bag) as make up bag
    Coach round coinpurse
    Fino (a local brand) leather card holder
    Rosary :angel:
    Bag hook
    Fan (coz it's usually very hot in Manila!) :sweatdrop:
    2 phones

    Enjoy everyone!
    DSC02108.JPG DSC02109.JPG
  5. ^^^yup they are :wacko::lecture: