What's in your Hermes bag????

  1. I didn't see a thread like this so if there is one already, I am sorry for repeating it...but there is this great thread in the Balenciaga forum where Pfer's share what's in their bags. It helps us see what can fit in the different sizes and also, it's totally fun to see what we carry on a daily basis...

    I have a 32 CM Kelly Mou in Togo...
    122906closed.jpg 122906open.jpg 122906stuff.jpg
  2. Great bag you have there, Ozzysmom! We've had a thread like this before but it's been long buried. Glad you started one again! I'll take a pic later today.
  3. While I don't have a camera with me in the office (I am supposed to be working, after all :p ), I have my 27cm turquoise chevre Bolide with me. In the Bolide, I have:

    Vermillion togo compact Dogon wallet
    Vert anis togo Dogon key wallet
    Orange chevre business card case
    Raisin chevre mini picture holder with pix of my little guy
    Gigantic LV sunglasses case
    Extra keys

    And there is still room to spare in this little bag!
  4. oops, I was afraid of that. Well if pple want to post again, I'd love to see what they can fit in their bags...
  5. In my 32cm togo Kelly:
  6. Today i have with me in my Birkin 35:
    -LV sunnies
    -Dogon wallet
    -Cartier agenda(BIG)
    -2 cellphones
    -Prada make-up case
    -Car and home-keys
  7. rose, what's that cute crown bag? i thought at first it was a crown royal flannel, but my mind just naturally goes to booze, so that's probably not right.

    btw, do you have the scotland scarf?
  8. Rose, I love what you did with your Twilly!

    Here's the pic I posted in the old thread but I'll take a new pic today!


    Rouge Vif Mysore Bearn
    Rouge Vif Mysore GM Zip
    Thalassa Mysore Karo PM
    Rouge H Buffle Gala 6-cles
    Bobbi Brown lip palette
    Lorac pressed powder
    car keys that don't fit inside keycase
    Mason Pearson hairbrush
    Cartier Pen
    Bobbi Brown eyeliner
    Open Table dining check unredeemed
    Tic Tac
    Bolduc Twilly in black/white

  9. I picked up the crown bag during my visit to the gift shop at Bucks Palace, London. My 5 year old has been trying to claim it for herself but I am hanging on to it!

    I don't have the Scotland scarf!! Tell me more......
  10. 24, your pic looks like an editorial shot I'd see in Vogue. Love the color!
  11. ^^ I know...isn't disgusting Ozzysmom? ...totally gorgeous!:drool:
    BTW...I love yours and Rose's bags too!
  12. You're very kind, Ozzysmom. Thanks! How do you like your Kelly?

    I'm carrying a different bag today and I'll take a picture later. This is fun! We get to share a little of ourselves without revealing too much!
  13. Wow 24, I just love your pics, I keep coming back to look at them again and again.....
  14. Pics later but here's what the old Bag has inside her today......

    Gold Chevre Karo Clutch,
    Tiffany Pen,
    Chili Carmen Key Ring
    Rouge H Bern wallet
    Cell phone
    Noisette Chevre Globetrotter
    Red Patent leather CC case
  15. Of course!! And it's true. Just stunning. I love my Kelly. I often sit and stare at it. Owning this bag is just a dream come true for me.