What's In Your Handbag?

  1. Or, rather, what's not in your handbag? A recent survey by Jabra has shown that today's 20- and 30-something divas carry twice as many items in their handbags compared with their mother's generation. Thank goodness then that oversized handbags are 'in'...

    Where all our mothers needed was a small clutch to hold their keys, a handkerchief and some emergency change for the call box, we need arm candy similar in size to Versace's new 'DV' carpet bag to store just our techie essentials - think iPod, mobile phone, Bluetooth headset and gaming console.
  2. Lmao .......people all ways say i have a closet on my arm
  3. Hmmm let's see.....I've got my large LV wallet, LV cles, mini umbrella, Betty Boop mini cosmetic pouch, cell phone, oil blotters, pressed powder compact, mints, and lip gloss. That's not really that much.
  4. My essentials are black kohl pencil, face powder/blotter sheets, mirror then whichever wallet fits that bag, but I don't like really BIG bags myself so I tend to be trying to pare things down all the time.

    Belive it or not LOL, I don't have a mobile or any of the other gear, only an old CD walkman that only comes on plane trips with me.

  5. I usually carry my small wallet, daytimer, pen, digicam, lipgloss, floss and face powder. They all fit in my small bag.
  6. Oof, this is what got me into bags in the first place -- the neverending search for a bag that will carry all my crap.
    I have a makeup bag, iPod, clutch wallet, sunglasses, scarf (to keep my hair back when it's nasty and humid outside, like it always is here in the summer), Sidekick, gum, medicine, Purell, small photo case, BT headset, swiss army knife, small notebook.
    I also have room for a compact umbrella and a large digicam.
    I should note that the Sidekick is actually in a case I usually keep hanging off the strap of my bag, not inside it.
  7. I'm a simplest in my handbag, while the rest of my world is organized clutter. A makeup bag, wallet, cellphone, work keys, and sunnies are all I keep in there for the most part.
  8. my 3by 5 agenda, another 3/5 thick notepadesque type of thing, a book lol, , my huge ass chanel sunnies case, a wristlet that contains a tube of lip gloss, cellphone, keys, cash.. root canal notes..
  9. sorry, repeat! oh and mini ipod..
  10. i bring tons of things...
    lv mc wallet PTI (very big in size), lv panda organizer medium, 1 sony ericsson p800 phone (big too, but very smart), 1 NEC small phone (small but kinda stupid), 1 ipod, cigarette tin case, candies, compact powder, blusher.
  11. i bring quite a lot --

    my wallet, sunglass, cosmetic pouch (with random stuff), pen & small notebook, housekeys, work badge, gum, lotion, cologne, cellphone, and a book.
  12. in my handbag: chanel wallet, lv coin purse, chanel sunglasses, keys, mobile phone, tissue, baby wipes, baby sling,disposable nappies+changing mat, a change of clothes for my baby, spare knickers for my pre-schooler, disposable bibs.
  13. They used to carry a handkerchief and some emergency change for the callbox-I love it!

    I have my cellphone, makeup bag w/ a lipstick, face blotting paper, a small notebook, a little bag carrying pens and a comb, my sunglasses, carkeys, a glass case for my reading glasses, gum and my LV wallet.
  14. In my bag I always have my LV koala wallet, LV makeup bag, LV cles with keys attached and a pouch of meds inside, sunglasses in case (right now it's Fendi), bath and body works antibacterial, inhalor, and usually my ipod.
  15. - cellphone
    - keys
    - wallet
    - card holder
    - chapstick
    - pen
    - small note pad
    - travel sized perfume