What's In Your Handbag?

  1. Have we played that game....? If we have, it´s okey to close it.. :smile:
    I found it on another forum and though it was a fun thing to try..

    Well, dump everything out of your bag and tell us what's in your bag right now...
    Pics could be fun to...

    Since I made the threat, I´ll start...
    I´ll post a pic later when I find my camera... :smile:

    *Sketchbooks (A LOT of them..)
    *My big case with
    -Design (clothes)
    -Stuff I write
    *Pencils (pencil case)
    *Cell phone
    *Old wallet – and stuff we put into one of these things (seriously need a new one..It´s so old)
    *Train pass
    *Plan over bus and trains leaving
    *My good luck charm (An replica of Pirates Of The Caribbean Aztec Coin)
    *Hairclip, hair elastic
    *Usually a novel of some sort
    *Always chocolate for my blood sugar