What's In Your Handbag?


    My handbag:
    Guess wallet
    Hot pink motorola razr
    Coach key ring/change purse
    Ipod Nano
    A ton of lip glosses/balms
    Bronzer brush
    Bus tickets
    Mini calendar
    Adidas moves for her perfume
    OPI body spritz
  2. *Le Sport Sac bag for my camera
    *Le Sport Sac bag for my makeup
    *LV zippy wallet
    *Tom Ford sunglasses case......I have a ton of glasses, so this changes everyday!
    *Motorola Gold Razr
    *Mini calendar
    *MAC blot paper
    *Lint strips
    *Swiss army knife for girls
  3. You live in Las Vegas? I've been there once, loved every minute of that vacation. I went to the LV store in the Fashion Show Mall.
  4. Kenneth Co Reaction bronze leather card carrier
    HH coin purse
    HH Aeroporto carryall filled with cosmetics
    IF wallet "Thou Shalt Splurge"
    1 pack of instant oatmeal
    protein bar
    two plastic wrapped utensil sets
    HH Mercer 3C Satchel, Current.JPG
  5. Bag: Tokidoki Buon Viaggio L'amore print

    *tokidoki foresta print denaro wallet
    *pill case/meds
    *kleenex mini tissue thing
    *checkbook and pen
    *compact (mac)
    *burts bees chapstick
    *pink leather day-planner
    *fiji water (mini bottle)
    *black hoodie
    *this months glamour
  6. ^^ here's my black b-bag hobo :cutesy:

    p.s. i took these photos a few months ago & the
    only thing that's changed is i don't have the black
    caviar chanel wallet anymore (cry)
    DSCF9700 REV.jpg DSCF9690 REV**.jpg DSCF9714 REV.jpg
  7. I carry both a Treo and a Razr, so I took a pic with each phone of the other phone with the contents of my bag today.

    In my bag:

    A gold-colored wallet with my initials on it
    A red coin purse
    Two black ink pens
    A hairbrush that I've used for over 10 years
    A comb
    My Treo
    My Razr
    My 30 GB iPod video
    Some Orbit spearmint gum
    My sunglasses
    Some hand sanitizer
    Some antibacterial lotion
    My striped makeup case
    A bottle of Scope
    A headset for my Treo

    The actual purse that I took today is this one:


    Recently someone asked on the forum about Fossil bags. I had bought one a couple years ago but I don't carry it anymore. But I decided to go to the Fossil site to see what they had in the way of bags these days, and I saw this bag and I said to myself, "Caxe, my man, you have GOT to get you one of these!" I ordered it last week and it came earlier this week, so I've carried it for the last three days. It's so pretty and colorful, and the leather trim is a nice balance. My phone cameras take crap pictures, so you can't see the color (the bag is at the top of both photos), but it's cute in real life. Cute, and very heavy. It must be three or four pounds, empty. I won't carry it that much; it seems as if it will have to be handled very carefully to keep the wool exterior looking nice. At least, I think it's wool.
    pic6.jpg picture5.jpg
  8. Okay- breaking OPs rules as no pictures. Apologies- I have the old computer while Hubby has new(er) laptop at lawschool.
    HH Havana Hobo
    -I've been traveling light!
    Brand new hot pink medium chameleon.
    Chameleon holds:
    1. pens
    2. tons of lip balms/lipsticks, burts bees, etc.
    3. makeup compact
    4. mason pearson popular
    5. small leather notepad
    6. cell phone
    7. Ipod nano
    8. rubber ducky printed tissues
    9. pill case
    10. CCs and bills and coins all in Chameleon pockets
    11. reading glasses case (law school ruined my eyes :smile: )
    12. two pairs of sunnies
    13. mini nicole miller umbrella
    ---all of the above fit in the chameleon.
    In rest of purse keys and random assorted papers.
  9. I've got burts bees lip balm too. Simply the best ever made.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. I took a day off today to do some wedding errands. My bag was packed!

    A great beige Tosca Blu bag with silver hardware. I need to figure out how to post pics!

    - Krazor phone
    - ipod Nano in cute pink case
    - planner - full of SO many wedding related items!
    - grey kenneth cole long wallet
    - grey brellie (just in case..)
    - stila lip glaze
    - bliss lemon hand creme travel size
    - pen & paper
    - keys
    - compact
    - lifesavers!
  12. Chanel Diva- Yes, yes, yea- Burts Bees is the best (except for the honey lip balm which makes me gag-and of course my husband likes it, yuck!) :smile: Plus- the company is great- I got one of the honey lipbalms when they were brand new and hated it- so they sent me one of the regualrs for free- how's that for CS?!

    Archi- so jealous of your BJ Good Girl bag! You actually helped me when I was deciding to get one. Unfortunately- the first day I had mine the hardware on the straps broke. BJ was horrible- they said- "tough luck." Very luckily for me the seller was honorable and took the bag back. Still- I like the design. In fact, I have the wallet- which puts a bitter taste in my mouth as I ordered it to match the bag (sigh). Since the experience I have vowed to buy no more Betsey Johnson.
  13. Well I JUST put everything in there and organized it so I'm not gonna pull it all out and make a mess again, but....I have
    lip gloss
    mini pleasures spray
    dior mirror
    mini nail kit (file and cuticle pusher)
    ipod nano (the older one)
    orange enV phone
    white oakley sunglasses case, so conveniently matches my new purse ;~)
    fossil checkbook cover
    vera bradley small wallet/card holder
    hand sanitizer
    band aids
    ear plugs(for studying at school)
    red coach keychain, which i love cause i can flip it around
    a few pens (which is good because I have TONS considering I'm in pharm)
    school id/hosp id
    hair clips and a ponytail holder
    Whew, there ya go...anyone tired yet?

  14. Your bag is stunning! Simply gorgeous!

    I think it might be my next "must have bag":yes: