What's in your Gucci bag?

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  1. I dont know if this thread has been started before. But im just curious to see whats in your Gucci bag. I'll go first.
    Coach wallet
    Coach wristlet
    mp3 player
    hello kitty notepad
    LV key and change holder

    Attached Files:

  2. yay! i was wondering when someone would start a thread like this. i will post pics of mine in the next couple of days. thanks for starting this one pursefreak25!
  3. here's my brand new medium chain clutch and what's in her. :love:
  4. cute thread! i need to do this asap!

    but not to be crazy stalkerish, but are those the green tea pills i spot??!?!?! do u use them? like them? energize u?:P
  5. I agree, fun thread! :woohoo: Pursefreak and Makeupmoma, I love your bags!
  6. i think there was a thread like this before, but it never really did go off. Maybe this one will. I'll take pics tomorrow of what I have in my new guccissima messenger.

    Oh great pics ladies, keep them coming!!! :tup: Gents too :P
  7. thanks. post your own pics soon!!!