What's in your Gioco?

  1. I know there are a bunch of threads on this, but for other bag types :sweatdrop: I want to buy my first gioco, but I haven't seen them in person very often. Any pictures of giocos opened up with items you usually carry inside would be great.
  2. gioco is not that big but you sure can fit a lot of stuff in it. on a typical day, i have the following in my bag

    LSS checkbook wallet
    LSS key coin pouch
    LSS cosmetic bag
    LSS square cosmetic bag
    pak of gum
    mp3 player

    this morning, i have all of the above plus 2 magazine in it.

  3. I find giocos to be a lot bigger than they look, they can fit a gi-normous amount of stuff! I've walked around with a:

    -Nintendo DS
    -normal sized wallet
    -cell phone
    -powder compact
    -small hand cream
    -a packet of tissue
    -pack of gum
    -ipod nano
    -all bran snack bar
    -and a textbook! (measuring approx 7.5" x 9" x 1" or 19cm x 23cm x 2.5cm)

    It still folds and fits nicely under my arm without being very bulky, I love my gioco! I'd take a picture but my camera's out of battery right now.
  4. I put next to nothing in my gioco :p But I don't have any pics... I just put sunglasses, a small wallet, a small coin purse, my cellphone, mints, and my camera inside~ It all sort of shuffles around when I carry it, but I feel having too much stuff would make it look sort of lump-y-ish and out of shape :wondering:
  5. With a Gioco, the more stuff is in it the better the shape I find. I love this bag style, but sometimes smaller items get lost in it. I like that I can throw in a thin hoodie or a change of shoes and it doesnt look bulky.
  6. I can finally help and answer this question!

    In my gioco, I had the following before I switched to another bag...
    The Economist magazine, iPod nano, wallet, bottle of water, keys, coin purse, small first aid kit, tiny flashlight, cell phone, 5x8 calendar, 6x4 notebook, camera, a tiny Totes umbrella, work ID, flash drive, sunglasses.

    It's a heavy bag (maybe because I'm tired), but I could still fit in more.

    Diana, you must have tiny feet, because my heels wouldn't fit in my gioco with all that I had in it.

    And D1000, *LOVE* your pirata gioco!

    PS - love the title of this thread! ;)
  7. LOL! Actually, they are about average (8)... I can fit a pair of flip flops or flats in the bag... heels are a tight squeeze.
  8. Ah...I'm a size larger...I'll have to try that... It's not a clown bag like my fav kipling, is it?
  9. Sometimes it seems like it, with all the stuff I pull out of it, lol!
  10. Thank you, all! I'm so drawn to giocos, yet they look so difficult to carry. I always end up passing up on deals, waffling, thinking it over. I think I'm going to bite the bullet this time and get one :smile:

    Is it easier to carry the gioco unzipped? Which side do you wear facing out? I know the one with the pocket is the front, but I've heard some people say they wear it backwards because it's easier to access the zipper.
  11. I mainly use my gioco to put extra clothes in when I need to change outfits for the night and I also double it as a gym bag. Some people might think it's a little small for a gym bag but I dont need much stuff to go to the gym with so the gioco is perfect. I usually wear my bag with the pocket in the front because that is where I put my cellphone, wallet and ipod (stuff that I can access easily).
  12. Hi Toki, it's not a hard bag to carry. At least not for me. It does get hard to carry when you have A LOT in your bag, but only because sometimes I get carried away and the next thing I know, things I haven't listed are inside my bag, and I find myself almost holding the bag from underneath.

    As for how I hold it...I always have the main zipper handle up front where I can see it. Looking at it, I guess it means if I carry it on my left side, the small zipper is facing out. If I carry it on my right side (my preferred side), the small zipper is facing me.

    For me, safety is paramount, so I don't care as long as I can see my main zipper handle. Then again, I live in NYC and have been groomed this way, living here my entire life.

    Kim, I thought I had issues with not being able to squeeze shoes in my gioco, but now I have issues with not being able to put extra clothing or even gym clothes in my gioco!
  13. I wear mine on my right side with the pocket facing out so I can get to my small things easily, I sometimes only zip it partially closed making it easy to open if I want something from the inside. I always have to atleast zip it up partially... I'm too paranoid to leave the zipper all the way open.
  14. gioco my favorite style, because i can stuff so much into it and it doesn't look funny.
    right now i have
    make-up case (with 2 powder foundations, a cover up stick, 2 lip sticks and 4 glosses)
    sunglasses (but i misplaced them)
    and ussually a magazine, book or catalogue
  15. oh my goodness, the gioco is an amazing bag because it can fit so much! I don't have a picture (but I can do one if you still need one), but the other day for school I carried:

    -2 DVDs
    -a water bottle
    -a wallet (it's the width of a checkbook and height is a little taller than one, and maybe an inch thick)
    -computer mouse
    -2 flash drives
    -oversized sunglasses

    it still looked empty, too! it was crazy. I love that bag to death.