What's in your eluxury shopping cart???

  1. I like to hold items in the shopping cart just because...it's really really long!!! What do you guys have?

    Multicolore Pochette Porte Monnaie NM in black and white
    epi pocket agenda in new red
    damier canvas keepall 50
    epi mini ring agenda in black
    fleur de porcelaine bandeau in blue (but I want red too!)
    mini pleaty in fuchsia
    pochette plate perfo in orange
    monogram billfold with 6 credit card slots
    manhattan gm
    alma voyage mm
    viva cite pm
    manhattan pm
    epi speedy 25 in black (but I want the myrtille!)

    I don't know whether I'll ever own these things or not but I like to visit them from time to time. :love:
  2. Well right now I just have the Epi Petit Noe in the mandarin color in my cart.
  3. Damier Speedy 25
    Multicolore Priscilla (white)
    Manhattan GM
    Inlcusion Bracelet GM (beige) (this just went out of stock today, so i'm waiting for it to come back)
    Inlcusion Speedy Keyring (beige and black :graucho:)
    Dior Trotter Medium Frame Tote (absolutely nothing to do with LV, but it's there :biggrin:!)

    i don't know if i'll take anything out, but knowing my indecisiveness, i'll probably end up buying them all :angel:!
  4. Hey Sandra, did you get your lilac Jasmin on ebay yet?
  5. oooh, not yet. i'm still watching it. i'm waiting for my paycheck to come in this friday, then :yahoo:!
  6. I hope you get it, cuz it's so beautiful and you would wear it well.
  7. MC french purse
    MC wapity
    Damier speedy 25
    Damier speedy 30

    I definitely want to get the french purse and wapity within the new couple of months to match my MC speedy and complete the "collection" LOL. The damier speedy is something that is on the back of my mind and want to get hopefully in the near future.
  8. thank you :shame:. i think i'll probably end up getting it, since i let the Speedy go today :hrmm:
  9. How long can you hold your stuff in the elux cart before they delete them?
  10. they don't. i've kept stuff in there for nearly a month before.
  11. hmm, I don't know but I've had mine probably for a month now! I always have my computer on though...maybe that's why?
  12. i turn my computer off every night. the cart isn't affected by things like that.
  13. Oohh... that's good to know! Thanks ladies.
  14. I have two bandeaus in there that are still sitting from before the price increase LOL
  15. I have a red Jasmine in my Eluxury cart