Whats in your cory pouch?

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  1. I recently ordered a cory pouch to use for change- not too sound overly canadian but those loonies and twonies we hoard for our tim hortons runs can really add up lol!

    But im wondering if it is a bit large just for chsnge.

    Please show me how you use your rm pouches
  2. I don't have mine currently handy, but I use my Cory pouch to hold my phone charger and earbuds...helps prevent tangled cords all over the bottom of my bag. :P
  3. I also use one for ear buds and charging cord! I also throw in a few prepackaged wipes for my glasses and a cleaning cloth.
  4. I usually have lip gloss, gum, and a mini hand sanitizer in one, and cards/receipts in another. I also got one of those mini Halo chargers, and that can fit in a RM pouch too. So many possibilities really!
  5. it's not very big so i use it to keep my extra keys and keycards.
  6. I ordered a monogram Cory pouch to use for coupon/gift cards. Love it!
  7. Here's a pic. :smile:
  8. Lip gloss, chap stick, etc in one and tissues, mini make up touch ups stuff, etc in the other.